Dispensary Curbside Service: How it Works

Curbside pick-up has quickly taken the place of in-store service. Although nothing can beat the chance to go into a dispensary and see the products in the store, it’s currently safer to get curbside pick-up or delivery. For those who want to leave their house for a few minutes, curbside pick-up at dispensaries is an easy and painless process.

For those who haven’t tried yet, there are a few dispensaries around town that are now offering curbside service. Exclusive and 3Fifteen Ann Arbor are a few of the places that offer this extremely simple service. Each facility will have a different method for curbside pick-up, but Exclusive and 3Fifteen seem to cover all bases of what curbside service for dispensaries should be.

Before even leaving the house, customers are to place their order online. Each dispensary that offers curbside service offers a listing of the products they have in store and the price. The only downside to this is that you will have to read through the flower or product you’re trying to buy rather than getting a chance to smell, touch, and see the product in person. For buyers who are more tactile and prefer to see the product face-to-face, this can be a little difficult. However, each website offers a substantial amount of information for customers to read through. So although you can’t see the product in person before purchasing, you do get a good idea of what the product is and what it does.

Once you’ve placed the order, simply wait. These two facilities, Exclusive and 3Fifteen Ann Arbor encourage customers to wait at home until they receive a text. This text will indicate that their order is ready to pick up, saving you from waiting in your car until your product is done.

Now, this is where Exclusive and 3Fifteen Ann Arbor differ. Exclusive is a bit of a bigger facility and a lot of local residents know about it. Before Exclusive became, well, Exclusive, it was a strictly medical dispensary that went by a different name. So this dispensary has the longevity that 3Fifteen has yet to establish. Because it is a bigger and more frequented facility, there are times that the curbside pick up has an extensive line. This has led Exclusive to use its additional parking lot as a way to have cars waiting in queue for their turn.

You’ll have to wait in your car the entire time, but doing this is way better than waiting in line in-person. If the curbside pick-up location seems full, you’ll have to pull into the additional parking lot for Exclusive. There, an employee is directing other customers and lets a handful of cars enter the pick-up area at a time. This way, the employees are not overwhelmed. Once you make it up to the building, an employee will come to your window. Every employee wears a mask and tries their best to keep a safe distance from the car. You’ll be asked for your ID and cash for the product. The employee will go into the building, pick it up, and drop everything off to your car! It’s that simple.

By contrast, 3Fifteen was a little easier and required no wait. Once you pull into the parking lot, you can check your text message to check-in and let the employees know you have arrived. They’ll ask what car to find you in, and a masked employee will come to your car. They’ll simply ask for your ID and payment, then go and grab your order. 

Curbside service for dispensaries has come a long way. It’s incredibly easy to pick up all of your cannabis needs. The process for ordering and picking up orders is incredibly easy, and the employees are kind and respectful. Just remember to tip the employee when they bring you your product!

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