The Ann Arbor Minecraft Map is Back

The Ann Arbor Minecraft map has returned, just in time for players who are missing the downtown area! The Ann Arbor map was taken down for a few years but now is making its epic return for players to enjoy.

The giant Minecraft map is a flat map of the Ann Arbor area, allowing players to build their own homes and favorite buildings. Players will be able to connect to the map through the most recent version of Minecraft Java Edition using Multiplayer Direct Connect to However, please note, this server is not compatible with the Minecraft Pocket Edition on mobile devices or Minecraft on Game Consoles.

The Minecraft version of Ann Arbor portrays the outside of buildings and outdoor areas realistically while the interior of buildings are left to players’ imaginations. Jan Wolter, local legend and creator of the server for Minecraft map exploration and creation, passed away in 2015 but his work on the server is still available for everyone to continue to enjoy. 

Although the Downtown area has been protected from edits, players are free to build structures outside of the downtown area. If players want to be registered as a builder and have the ability to edit outside of the downtown area, build a sample building somewhere on the map and email the library at minecraft@aadl for more information. 

Additionally, players who want to explore the map without playing Minecraft can watch the Live Web Map.

Please remember to be kind while playing on the Ann Arbor map. The posting of offensive messages or structures will result in players being permanently banned.

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