Creative Washtenaw Marketplace is Looking for Vendor Registration

. July 3, 2020.
Stock photo courtesy of Karyme Franca

Creative Washtenaw Marketplace is currently open for vendor registration, and is looking for local artists who want to sell their works! 

The Creative Washtenaw Marketplace is an online local sales site strictly for artisans and creative businesses in the Ann Arbor area and members of The Art Alliance. It’s the perfect opportunity for creatives to sell works of art, performances, workshops, and services. 

In order to be a vendor with the Creative Washtenaw Marketplace, artists, creatives, performers, cultural organizations, and businesses must be either a resident, work, or the business must be located in Washtenaw County or be a current creative member of the Arts Alliance, regardless of residence or location. The range of services artists can provide can include:

Creative Products: Creatives have a chance to sell their works of art, small wall murals, garden sculpture, designing of green screens for video conferencing, etc.

Performing Arts: You can sell a performance, dance lessons, a commissioned song, poems written and/or performed via Zoom, storytelling, etc.

Services: This category includes hanging or framing artwork, historic research on a home or site, etc.

Workshops and Classes: Help other artists or children reach their greatest artistic potential. You can sell online lessons for kids or families, artist residencies, corporate workshops, stress reducers, joy enhancers, etc.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the delivery of some works of art will have to be discussed with customers. However, the Creative Washtenaw Marketplace does provide curb-side pickup or drop off can be arranged for most artworks. In-person performances would require discussion and most likely need to be “pre-sold,” like a live event ticket. Once social distancing regulations loosen up, a date for the performance can be finalized.

For members of The Arts Alliance, there is no registration fee and a commission split to register. For creatives not part of The Arts Alliance, there is a $25 registration fee and a commission split.
For more information and to register, check out the Creative Washtenaw website.


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