Ann Arbor Film Festival Starts Call for Entries

. July 1, 2020.
Stock photo courtesy of Martin Lopez

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is looking for film and video submissions for the 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival. Submissions will be open from Wednesday, July 1 until Wednesday, September 30.

The Ann Arbor Film Festival, which is set to take place March 23-28, 2021, is open to film and video submissions that pays homage to the medium. The festival is accepting submissions in all genres, so long as the film demonstrates a high regard for the art form. 

Short feature-length entries are accepted. Short films are to run no longer than 59 minutes, with feature films running 60 minutes or longer. If the film you’ve created isn’t in English, then English subtitles need to be included. All works must have been completed within the last 3 years. Although you can submit work that is incomplete, please remember that it will be juried in the same pool as all of the other submissions. 

There is an entry fee in order to submit your work, which will vary depending on length of film and how early the submission was placed. Each entry fee is per film entered, and an entry form must accompany each submission. Also, the Ann Arbor Film Festival is encouraging diversity among applicants by offering a $20 submission fee discount for BIPOC filmmakers, which is the same discount offered to alumni filmmakers. This is to encourage more voices to take part in the filmmaking process.

For more information regarding the call for entries, guidelines, and to submit your work, visit the Ann Arbor Film Festival website here.


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