Where to Buy Local Face Masks in Ann Arbor Area

. May 19, 2020.
Image courtesy of Karen’s Collection (Left) and Ypsi Masks (Right)

During these difficult times, it’s wonderful to see our community pull together. Most of the population is doing their part to ensure everyone in Michigan is safe. From sharing foods to using face masks, people are doing their part to keep each other safe and healthy. One of things people are doing to try to keep everyone safe is sewing face masks.

There are plenty of local artists and those talented in sewing are working to make sure everyone has a face mask that is both protective and stylish. A lot of local artists are using their Etsy (or creating one) to sell their masks and ensure they get to your door safely. Please keep in mind that some of these masks may not be suitable for health care workers. Be sure to ask questions before purchasing to ensure you’re receiving the right product for your needs.

Lanna Jones is creating face masks that are safe, stylish, and empowering. She sells adult and children masks, all starting at $7. Jones is also working on a design where you’ll be able to use a straw while wearing the mask. Masks can be ordered via Instagram @lalabutietc or 734-221-3899.

Wayne State professor Irem Yoruk is putting together adult masks for $10 a pop. They’re double layered and adjustable, making them easy to wear.

Image courtesy of Banitta

Local Etsy store, run by Banitta, has one style of mask for sale, but the masks are created by a local displaced worker. Her masks offer more coverage and start at $15.

Christina Turner is creating adult and child-sized masks. She also offers porch pick up, delivery, and shipping for your convenience.

The Ypsi Food Co-op offers inexpensive masks, giving part of the mask sales profits to Corner Health Center. Their prices for masks start at $5.

Ann Arbor resident Karen Chockley Mitzel is making masks and selling them on her Etsy store. She also offers porch pick up if you need a mask quickly. Her masks have a wire nose clip and start at $15, offering bulk purchasing as well for businesses.

The Etsy shop That1Girl, owned by Dominique Robinson, offers both children and adult masks on her Etsy store as well. She offers a variety of patterns and designs for people of all ages, with costs starting at $10.
Looking for an adorable child and adult mask? Check out Karen’s Collection, where a variety of adorable masks can be found. Her prices start at $5, and she offers a variety of non-copyrighted patterns.

Image courtesy of Shelley Baske

Shelley Baske is selling her masks on her Facebook store. She offers UofM masks as well as patriotic designs, all starting at $5. Baske also offers adorable headbands for sale.

With sizes ranging from adult, toddler, and kid, Ypsi Masks offers washable masks in a variety of patterns, from Batman and Mulan to cute patterns. Prices start at $5, and delivery is an option for people who cannot leave their homes.


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