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The Truth About Human Trafficking: Local expert Bridgette Carr dispels common myths and offers real solutions

The phrase “human trafficking” can conjure up terrifying images of teenage girls being snatched up at the local mall— a problematic misconception about the realities of human trafficking.  Bridgette Carr, director of the University of Michigan Law Human Trafficking Clinic, explains that “buying into this type of narrative is harming those who are actual victims

Where to Buy Local Face Masks in Ann Arbor Area

During these difficult times, it’s wonderful to see our community pull together. Most of the population is doing their part to ensure everyone in Michigan is safe. From sharing foods to using face masks, people are doing their part to keep each other safe and healthy. One of things people are doing to try to

Women In Business

SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Entrepreneurs who Empower The term “glass ceiling” was coined more than four decades ago. Since then, women have been positioning themselves in the workforce to break down the barrier. While there’s still work to do, there are plenty of successes to celebrate. These local women are on top as leaders and business

Seeking truth despite a history of tragedy

Helping the ancestors of slaves complete their stories For many in America, the past is an unknown. Unlike descendants of European settlers, whose ancestors have well-documented histories in America, most African-Americans cannot track a similar genealogical trail, instead relying on oral history to preserve the details of their past. Cheryl Garnett and Omer Jean Winborn,