Dopapod at The Blind Pig February 1, 2022

What is a Dopapod?

Progressive-rock journeymen, Dopapod, is performing at The Blind Pig on February 1. And, what is a “Dopapod,” you ask?  

Symmetry defines Dopapod. The band and each of its seven albums sports a palindromic name, meaning it can be read the same forward as backward. More than that, balance has become the band’s modus operandi, with the group consciously juggling the darker tones of heavy rock with lighthearted humor; synthesizing tastes of funk, jazz, bluegrass, electronica, and more within their complex improvisational compositions. 

During live shows, Dopapod is known for taking fans on a full out journey, guiding attendees through periods of frenzied dance contrasted with moments of thoughtful contemplation.

The band wrote, “Think” as a testament to the value of independent thinking and how parroting others will lead to dangerous polarization. 

The impetus of the song came to the band while the country was knee-deep in polarization, and the group felt a need to convey their feelings while witnessing others fall into a rabbit hole of dangerous binaries. “You can do no wrong, as long as you do everything right all of the time,” is a line the band imagined could come from a talking head, and as always Dopapod craft nuance in their work through form and function.

The band formed at the Berklee College of Music in 2007 and includes Eli Winderman (keys and vocals), Rob Compa (guitar and vocals), Chuck Jones (bass), and Neal “Fro”Evans (drums). Photo by Dani Brandwein.

Sonically the single conjures frenzied psychedelic prog-rock imagery, and pays homage to their influences in groups like Pink Floyd, Yes, Cornelius, King Crimson and more. The group’s knack for dense, multi-layered suites across their material is a testament to their range of influences and styles, and their live show amplifies the momentum you hear on record.

On playing at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Dopapod said, “Ann Arbor/Michigan holds some real estate in our hearts for sure.  Every time we play in the mitten, we feel the love big time from super energetic crowds who know how to have a good time.  We even used one of the songs from our last performance at the Blind Pig on our second live album. The song was used for: “Vol. 3 #86 from ‘II Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was II.”

Dopapod at the Blind Pig (all ages) 208 South First Street, Ann Arbor

Tickets are $20 – $23 cover / Doors open at 7PM


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