Wedding Guide: April 2019

. March 31, 2019.

After graduation in May comes peak wedding season in June. To get ready, Current talked with some local professionals and two couples who recently tied the knot in Washtenaw County. These newlyweds share the joyful moments celebrating their love as well as their top picks and tips for flowers, music, food, fun, fashion and venues.

Sonia + Chris


Married November 10th, 2018

How did you meet? We met in the MBA program at the University of Michigan.

Who popped the question, and how? Chris did in our apartment, and as a bonus had Sonia’s family fly in from New York so we could all celebrate together!

Did you have a long engagement? Not really— we were engaged for about a year.

Did you ever want to elope and just get it over with? Of course!

The two worst points were: deciding on a venue/date, and the week before the wedding.

Three words to describe the wedding itself: Relaxed, fun, joyful

Was your wedding big or small? We had about 180 people. Big enough that we could invite a lot of people who we wanted there, and small enough that we could spend time with everyone.

What made your wedding special? The people who were there! We loved celebrating the day with close family and friends.


Three words to describe your partner: Kind, honest, and witty

What was your first impression of your partner? He was really easy to talk to— not to mention adorable!


Three words to describe your partner: Loving, creative, and charismatic

What was your first impression of your partner? That she was smart, caring and fun (and that we had a lot of the same values)!


Rehearsal dinner
Michigan League
911 N. University, Ann Arbor,
The League- the perfect, nostalgic spot for anyone who went to Michigan

Red Poppy Floral Design
Amazing florist across the bar! She also did flowers for our rehearsal dinner and welcome drinks. Tracy gets your vibe right away and goes above and beyond to make things beautiful. Can’t recommend her enough.

Abby Rose Photo
201 E. Liberty, Suite 6,
Ann Arbor, 734-846-2852,
Phenomenal photographer who takes beautiful pictures that don’t appear too schmaltzy or sentimental. She has a fantastic eye, and she has a great way of getting all the shots you want without you even knowing she’s there.

Blue Water Kings
We heard so much great feedback about the band, and we were definitely dancing all night!

Tips and tricks for future couples.
I think the best thing you can do when planning a wedding is to decide the kind of experience you want for you and your guests. We decided we wanted a down-home party, and that helped us make a lot of decisions (like our venue) and prioritize what was important (like the band!)


Dinner/Desserts Catering
Katherine’s Catering
359 Metty Drive, Suite 4, Ann Arbor, 734-930-4270,
Especially great options for a large vegetarian crowd, which we had!


Wedding and reception venue
Frutig Farms – The Valley
7650 Scio Church Rd, Ann Arbor,
We can’t stress this enough: the best venue ever. Amazing team, beautiful barn, perfect for a relaxed, but still elegant, celebration.

Kristin + Dorian


Married October 14, 2017

How did you meet? We say we met while we were both grad students at the University of Michigan. Which is true, but really we met on what Dorian calls a “swiper.” Not Tinder–a classier one called Coffee Meets Bagel. So an algorithm set us up.

Who popped the question, and how? We had been talking about it for months and had even secretly bought a ring together (with an emerald, for May, Kristin’s birth month and the month we met). The plan was to wait until after the holidays so we could meet each other’s families, but Dorian couldn’t wait and spontaneously proposed, about five months after we met!

Three words to describe your expectations for the wedding: Vertiginous, unreal, exciting

Three words to describe the wedding itself: Intimate, overwhelming, green

Was your wedding big or small? It was medium-sized at about 80 people. We were limited by the venue, which had a maximum capacity of 100.

What’s the story behind where you chose to celebrate your wedding? We met and fell in love in Ann Arbor, and so even though neither of us is from Michigan it felt important to us to get married there. We love Ann Arbor, and it was a bonus that Matthaei is affiliated with the university (as we both were).


Three words to describe your partner: Perceptive, intense, gentle

What was your first impression of your partner? I thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. And he was disarmingly open. I’d never met anyone like him–he didn’t fit in any box and I just loved the way he thought and expressed himself.

Tell me about your dress!! My “dress” was actually separates! I was very set on having a long-sleeved dress with lace, and the selection of those was limited, especially on a budget. So I ordered a custom-made top from Wear Your Love and wore it with a skirt from Lulu’s.


Three words to describe your partner: Generous, bright, open

What was it like seeing her walk down the aisle? I couldn’t stop smiling. She was dressed in white and wearing a sort of leaf-crown and carrying flowers, and she came surrounded by all these trees: it was like an apparition coming out of the natural world. Angels move vertically, but she was moving horizontally–right towards me!


The Billings
Lindsey was the very first vendor we booked after our venue. Her photographs are beautiful and evocative and we had no doubt that we wanted her to shoot our wedding.

Tips and tricks for future couples: Consider the Spotify playlist! We solicited song suggestions on our RSVP cards and got complete say over everything that was played. In general, 1) you don’t need all the (usually expensive) things that you’ll be told that a wedding “needs,” and 2) with a little creativity, you can figure out how to make your wedding your own without completely losing its rootedness as an ancient tradition that connects you to the past.

Dinner/Desserts catering
Moveable Feast
223 E. Main St, Manchester,
We did a tasting and it was delicious. Neither of us really like cake, so we had a bunch of different pies! It felt right for a fall wedding.


Rehearsal dinner
The Pretzel Bell
226 S Main St, Ann Arbor, 734-994-2773,
We wanted somewhere downtown that we could walk to from our house in Kerrytown, and so that we could show off Ann Arbor to our guests (most of whom were out of state). The Pretzel Bell had an awesome private event space where we could have our own open bar. We loved it.

Chelsea Flower Shop
203 E. Liberty St, Ann Arbor, 734-662-5616,
We passed it regularly walking home from campus. Their prices were amazingly reasonable – we had considered doing DIY flowers but this was as good a deal as some of those options and saved us a ton of stress.

Wedding and reception venue
Matthaei Botanical Gardens
1800 N. Dixboro Rd, Ann Arbor, 734-647-7600,
We fell in love with the idea of a greenhouse wedding. It seemed like a way to have a wedding that felt like it was in nature and sort of outdoors without the stress of depending on Michigan weather in October (good thing, because it rained during our whole wedding day!).


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