2016 Wedding Guide: Happily Ever After

Planning for that big day can be difficult, Current’s Wedding Guide is here to help you find everything from caterers to jewelers for the big day.


110 South Main Street | Ann Arbor | MI 48104
734-222-9841 | info@vinologya2.com


Vinology may be known for their delicious dinners and amazing brunch deals, but happy couples can also take advantage of their catering options and venue space. The entire downstairs of the restaurant can be booked for events, and Vinology has the catering options to take care of the ceremony and reception. Current caught up with one couple happy couple, Amanda and Scott Binder, that tied the knot at Vinology last July to find out how they planned their wedding day.


Amanda and Scott met online, twice. Scott first reached out to her on one dating site and after Amanda found his pictures to be unfriendly and mean looking, she ignored him. They connected on a second dating site with different pictures, not recognizing each other. Two months into dating, Scott found some old pictures of Amanda and then recognized the photos from the first site, exclaiming, “You’re the girl that ignored me!”



Shatila Bakery
14300 W Warren Ave | Dearborn

Amanda is of Middle Eastern descent and wanted some Middle Eastern touches to the food. Vinology added spinach pies to accommodate her. Shatila bakery supplied the baklava as the dessert accompaniment to the cake.



Flower and Gifts By Renee
6914 Schaefer Rd | Dearborn | MI

Originally not planning on flowers, the couple were given arrangements and bouquets as a gift. “It really tied it all together,” Amanda said. Flower & Gifts By Renee made the bouquets, boutonnieres and the submerged flower centerpieces.



Junfu Han
junfuhanphoto.com 269-251-8869

Junfu Han is an award-winning photojournalist based in Ann Arbor. He works for MLive and Ann Arbor News.


Answers Compiled by Vis-A-Vis Skin Spa & Bodywork Staff

Creative Director
VisaVis | 320 Miller Ave #171
734-213-7455 | visavisa2.com

What package do you recommend for bridal parties?
All of our bridal and bachelorette parties are completely customized to fit the needs of the bride! Our expert party planners (and wonderful stylists) work with each bride individually to ensure all their beauty and relaxation needs aren’t just met, but exceeded. We pride ourselves on our ability to mix and match our amazing array of salon and spa services to create the perfect party!

What sort of services do brides typically use?
Brides adore our style session (hairstyling) services, makeup application services, and mani/pedis. We love consulting with brides-to-be to create the perfect look for their wedding day! We’re also one of the only salons in the area that offers organic airbrush tanning. Our tanning sessions are customized based on skin tone and provide a very natural, bronzed glow. We’ve seen tons of lovely ladies (and gentlemen) come in for this service prior to their special event.

Is there a service many brides dont take advantage of that you dont want to be overlooked?
One of the most amazing services we offer at Vis-a-Vis is our “Lash Lift.” This service lengthens, strengthens and accentuates the guest’s existing lashes without a drop of mascara. Our “Lash Lift” revolutionizes antiquated perming technology to curl the lashes, giving them a beautiful, natural boost.

Walk us through a typical day at VisaVis for a bridal party.
Our bridal parties experience the same approach to guest care that has made us such a staple in Ann Arbor. A few months prior to their event, Vis-a-Vis brides work with our Salon Director to schedule and plan their time at the spa. We’re all about details at Vis-a-Vis, which is what makes us such an awesome choice for brides-to-be. We absolutely adore creating personal touches for these special events and are always open to unique and creative ideas from our brides!

On the day of, we welcome our brides and their loved ones with open arms, escort them to our amazing guest lounge, and let them relax with a cup of tea. This serene space affords guests the opportunity to change privately if they’d like, and take a breath before their appointments. Next, parties are welcomed upstairs to our darling loft/salon where the party will begin! Our space is truly unique (and makes an incredible backdrop for “getting ready” pictures!) During the party, the bride and her guests will spend the day being pampered and made to look their very best before she says, “I do!”


Mark Urban

Urban Jewelers | 215 S. Main St.
734-761-8120 | urbanjewlers.biz

Walk me through your custom jewelry design process
The design process begins with an idea, a concept, which we help bring into reality. A design consultation turns in either a cad-cam drawing or we go direct to the wax model making. From there, the piece is cast into the precious metal of choice, fine-tuned, accent stones set and major diamond set. The piece is then finish-polished and delivered. It can be a slow process, depending on the complexity of the design, but the results are well worth it!

What sort of advice is available for a groom that wants a custom ring but has no idea what he wants his ring to look like?
My best advice is to listen and observe what your fiance-to-be looks at and is attracted to.  Talk to her mom, friends or take a peak at her Pinterest page!

How affordable is a lab-created diamond versus the alternatives?
Let’s face it…the lion’s share of the cost of an engagement ring is the major diamond. In my opinion, the lab-created diamond should be “The Product of the Year!” They have all the beauty and characteristics of a mined diamond, but at about 40% less in cost. In addition, they are eco-friendly and sustainable and if those things are important to you, the lab-created diamond is calling your name.

Any other advice for the newly engaged? 
Of course!  Your first and last stop should be Urban Jewelers!


The Doug Horn Jazz Trio


For a couple that has already locked down a venue, selected catering and decided most of the details, the hardest part of a wedding might be entertainment. A DJ can feel too basic, and an entire band too big — especially when the groom wants an 80s cover band and the bride prefers big band sound.

From large weddings to a small get together, The Doug Horn Jazz Trio has couples in Washtenaw County covered.

“We prefer to play without amplifiers, totally acoustically, providing classy background music, at an esthetically pleasing volume,” said Doug Horn, the leader of the trio, which includes Paul Keller onto bass and Cary Kocher on vibraphone. “We play hundreds of tunes from the dawn of the jazz age through the present. That is our specialty and we have over 130 years playing experience between the three of us.”

With plenty of experience and a deep catalogue of tracks, The Doug Horn Jazz Trio can get guests out of their seats and on the dance floor, keeping the focus on the happy couple during the first dance.

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