A Detroit Native Who Decided to Risk it All During COVID-19

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Born in Detroit, then starting school in Southern California and returning to Detroit at the age of eight, Eric “Protein” Moseley’s path wasn’t always straight and narrow as he would constantly try to navigate his way around being positive in any way possible. 

Even though at the time his ambitions were to become a television news anchor-in junior high school, he had learned the craft of shooting dice so well that he was able to make a living from winning money from high school students. 

Moseley soon after started experimenting with marijuana, dropped out of school, became a single parent, addicted to crack cocaine, and ended up being homeless along with his young daughter Erica from coast to coast. This took place for roughly 17-20 years before he was able to find GOD and turn his life around.

Moseley said, “When growing up in Detroit, the closest chance you ever had of making it into college is when you watched the Michigan Wolverines vs The Michigan State Spartans play on television.”

Being unhoused for so many years and in several different states gave him an inside glimpse of a problem that was steadily growing without it even being recognized by the general public.

In the early, the 2000s while living in South Carolina, is when Moseley decided to get into reality television. 

So off to Los Angeles, New York, and back to South Carolina is the journey that he went on , without his daughter present. Having the idea of filming a reality tv show pilot about homelessness-it was unbeknownst to him at the time that the duration needed to be only eight minutes and not the two hours of raw footage that he had captured. 

While in New York, Moseley reunited with his daughter in a shelter in The Bronx NY. That is where he was influenced to turn his footage into a documentary and also become a voice from the streets instead of becoming a reality television star and producer.

From there, this Detroit native produced several other documentaries about homelessness and received national and international attention for his social impact documentaries and homeless advocacy.

Moseley recently became a one of 25 unsung heroes of covid-19 by Story Terrace, a leading memoir writing service in The UK.  “I received that honor for me and my now adult daughter going out and educating the homeless about The Coronavirus,” Moseley stated.

Moseley decided to turn the social-impact filmmaking footage he had captured into a documentary called, “The Homeless Coronavirus Outreach.” 

The storyline is : A father and daughter team up to educate the homeless about The Coronavirus. To their understanding, five out of ten homeless were unaware of Covid-19. 

When it comes to homeless statistics in the state of Michigan- every one of the 83 districts in the state have access to a local organization designated as a housing assessment and resource department. And according to Ending Homelessness in Michigan- homelessness was down 19%, even after the Covid-19 pandemic.  Moseley would like to see everywhere, “constantly in search of solutions in combating this nationwide epidemic.”

“Homelessness is on the rise in cities all across us but the actual number will never be released. That’s because thousands of people who are homeless, young and old don’t want to be included in the census count due to the embarrassment or the lack of information they receive about the census,” says Moseley. 

Moseley continues to travel from city to city educating the homeless about covid-19 and raising the awareness about a situation that so many people seem to ignore when confronted with it.

He is currently working on a new docuseries called, “In Correspondence with Eric Protein Moseley,”

which has already aired in over ten states and two countries.

To learn more, listen to Moseley on this video podcast (The Addiction Podcast)or visit Moseley’s Prezi website with links to more articles on him and his film work.

Eric “Protein” Moseley is a Detroit native who creates social impact documentaries.

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