Collective Soul Performs in Jackson on August

Collective Soul and Switchfoot will headline the Jackson County Fairgrounds August 8th for the release of their upcoming album VIBRATING, set to release on August 12th. 

Rock band Collective Soul has released music since 1993, marking a rarely seen 29-year career. Now the legendary Georgia rock band will transform the Jackson County Fairgrounds into their musical playground on August 8th, as they hit the road, playing alongside Grammy Award Winning Rock Band Switchfoot for the first time. 

Bassist Will Turpin spoke about the opportunity to tour with Switchfoot. “It’s been something we’ve been talking about for at least 10 years now. And finally both bands had the opportunity and the schedule lined up.” 

With the upcoming show in Jackson, MI, Turpin spoke ecstatically about the joys of playing shows in Michigan. “First off, Michigan is a rock and roll state. Not to mention, Detroit.” Turpin continued, “ We’ve had so many really good rock and roll shows in Michigan. We love to play there. I just know the crowd is gonna rock, so I look forward to it. Michigan is always a damn good rock and roll crowd.” 

Preparing for the release of VIBRATING, the band’s 11th album, Collective Soul released the album’s lead single, All Our Pieces, on July 8th. Turpin spoke on the band’s ability to remain creative at this stage in their career. 

“At 50 years old, it’s not like being an athlete. We’re literally on top of our game musically.” He continued, “We’re studio rats. We all feel comfortable in the studio and understand how to use that studio as a tool.” 

Turpin additionally spoke on the band’s ability to transfer the new music into live music, speaking on the energy of live performances and how the band enjoys each moment on stage. 

“We’ve(Collective Soul) realized that music, especially live music performance, boils down to energy and emotion that people feed off. So we have been calling our live shows a celebration of life for a long time.” Turpin continued. “We’re celebrating that we’re playing music together, we’re celebrating that these people are out there joining together with the band, and, in many regards, they’re part of the energy as well. And it seems to transcend the people, who can tell we’re just having a great time.” 

According to Turpin, Collective Soul has played close to, or exceeding 1000 live performances. The bassist states that while he’s always excited to play the next show, he’s always happy to see the new generation of rock fans attending their shows. 

“There’s a whole new generation that, not only, wants to see what a rock and roll band is, because the younger generations buy tickets, now they want to check out these bands. They hear these songs that their parents would play.” He finished, “There’ll be a bunch of youngsters

out there because they want to check out the festival vibe, and they want to check out the rock band.” 

For those attending the show on August 8th, Turpin once again reminds you to enjoy this not as a show, but as a celebration of life. 

“Every live show is a celebration of life, and we’re celebrating it with our fans. If we have to give thanks, the first people we give thanks to are the fans, and we’re looking forward to coming back.” 

Tickets for the show are on sale now, gates open at 5:30pm and the show begins at 7:00pm. 

Ticket prices range from $30 – $50 and can be purchased online HERE

Pre-orders for VIBRATING are available on CD, vinyl and digital formats everywhere music is sold.

The Jackson County Fair is located at 128 W. Ganson in Jackson, MI. For more information contact the fair at 517-788-4405 or via

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