Salt Springs Brewery Installs Air Scrubber for Additional Covid Safety

Image courtesy of Salt Springs Brewery.

By Current Contributor

Restaurants are finally open. Michigan residents can enjoy dining in restaurants once again. Although restaurants are only allowed 25% capacity at a time, some restaurants are taking advanced measures to minimize the risk of COVID-19. Restaurants have found different ways to ensure safety, including heated igloos and curbside pick up. Salt Springs Brewery has taken it one step further in adding an air scrubber. 

The Aerus Airscrubber was installed by Michigan Energy Services, and was installed directly into the brewery’s heating and cooling system. This technology is allegedly able to kill airborne viruses. This includes the SARS-Cov-2, which causes COVID-19. 

At this time, there is limited information regarding the effectiveness of air scrubbers. However, the FDA has approved Aerus Medical Guardian, which is now used in professional healthcare environments.

As of right now, few restaurants are known to have an air scrubber installed into their heating and cooling systems. Although they’re using the air scrubber, all restaurants are required to follow current COVID-19 guidelines for restaurants, including cleaning, capacity, social distancing, and mask use.

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