Briarwood to Get Grocery Store in 2025

briarwood mall
Image courtesy of Simon Property Group.

Briarwood Mall is in the process of getting a new grocery store. Niemann Foods is bringing its Harvest Market to the mall, with an expected opening in fall 2025.

“Harvest Market focus is [to] connect consumers to the land & people that create great food with an emphasis on local. We are unique in the industry by offering local, organic and traditional groceries all under one roof,” Gerry Kettler, director of consumer affairs at Niemann Foods, Inc., said in an email. “We are excited to be part of the Ann Arbor food scene. We are passionate about good food and Ann Arbor and the surrounding area.”

Simon, a company which owns several shopping malls across the country, including Briarwood, said in a press release that this is part of the mall’s long term revitalization efforts, which will at some point include new housing.

“Briarwood Mall, and the Washtenaw County community it serves, have a vibrancy and diversity well-matched to Harvest Market and our mission,” Kettler said in the press release. “We are looking forward to bringing the Harvest Market food experience to Briarwood Mall and the entire Washtenaw County community.”

This new Harvest Market location will take up about 57,000 square feet on the eastern side of the mall, according to Simon. Once operational, it will provide a mix of 250 full and part time jobs, according to Kettler.

“We will be churning our own butter as an example using local fresh sweet cream,” Kettler added. “This butter will be used in our Bakery & Farmhouse restaurant, as well as for sale to our shoppers.”

Shopping malls have been facing long odds for years now with the rise of online shopping and a general transition in what American consumers want from physical objects to online and in person experiences. But this has not phased Simon.

“Simon is continuing to revolutionize today’s retail landscape with the strategic transformation of key properties including Briarwood Mall,” Kevin Sweet, Simon vice president of specialty development, said in a press release. “The addition of Harvest Market, along with other exciting additions coming soon, solidifies Briarwood Mall’s dedication to providing a stand-out retail, lifestyle and community focused destination for the local community.”

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