Pita Way Plans to Open Two New Ann Arbor Locations

Current magazine got a bit of a pleasant surprise when it looked into the upcoming opening  of Pita Way. Ann Arbor isn’t just getting one Pita Way location this year, but two.

“We have been wanting to move into Ann Arbor for quite some time,” Pita Way’s Marketing Director Kipp Quarton said.

The ingredients Pita Way uses will be familiar to just about anyone who has had Middle Eastern food. While you can get a simple salad bowl, the twist that characterizes the chain is a Tex Mex-inspired packaging. Imagine falafel and other Middle Eastern ingredients in a quesadilla wrapping and you’re picturing Pita Way.

“We make our chicken and rice ourselves with our home marinade. Our garlic sauce is home made. We pickle our own cabbage,” Quarton said. “When you make your stuff from scratch, hand select your ingredients, it shows in the flavors.”

The location Current photographed for this article will be at the corner of William and Thompson Streets. This centralized location between the Diag and residential student housing will be convenient for students. The other location will be at 5609 Jackson Road, at the Meijer on the far west side of Ann Arbor.

Pita Way has been around since 2010. Their new locations will be the twenty-ninth and thirtieth locations, respectively.

Gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options are all available.

Pita Way is looking for staff as well. Both locations are slotted to provide 12 to 15 full time jobs and six part time positions, offering an average of $18 per hour with tips.

Plans are to open both locations in either May or June.

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