Gutman Gallery Exhibit Presents Art Made from Scattered Objects

The Gutman Gallery’s upcoming show is starting on March 15. “Lost & Found” gets its name from the nature of the art presented.

“The community is invited to experience the exhibition firsthand at the open house Friday, March 15 from 4:00 p.m. [to] 6:00 p.m.,” the Guild said in a press release, Wednesday. “Attendees will be able to meet some of the artists, enjoy light refreshments from our generous exhibition partners and neighbors at TeaHaus and the People’s Food Co-op, and listen to live music from local musicians, Angelica & Owen. The duo covers a variety of genres from rock and jazz to RnB, exploring an eclectic mix of their favorite music.”

According to Gutman’s Gallery and Program Director Elizabeth Youngs, each piece of art was made by scattered objects that the artists happened upon, or recycled material, given a new lease on life as artwork.

“That can be literally or metaphorically. We ask the artists to take their own interpretations on that,” Youngs said. “The show will feature 41 works from 32 artists.”

Lost and Found show will run through April 27. The show has art from across all sizes, styles, and mediums. Claudia Hershman, a mixed media artist based in Detroit, juried the show.

“The theme of the show is closely aligned with what my artwork is about,” Sarah Nesbitt, one of the artists who will have work at the show, said via email. “I like working with the ideas of what and why we preserve the things we do, and I find myself altering 2-D surfaces and using items that I try to make sense of. I’m looking forward to seeing the other artworks that will be in the show, and how other artists approach this theme and how it’s interpreted.”

The full list of artists on display is, according to the press release:

● Cassidy Barnett
● Judith Bemis
● Janet Bogart
● Barbara Melnik Carson
● Cheryl Boc-Chidester
● Susan Clinthorne
● Kris Cravens
● Liz Barick Fall
● David Fischer
● Kelsey Fox
● Andrea Irwin
● Therese Basha Jarjoura
● Joan Painter Jones
● Ted July
● Esther Kirshenbaum
● Allison Krueger
● Carrie McClintock
● Catherine McClure
● Carol Morris
● Sarah Nesbitt
● Tamara Nottingham
● Teresa Peterson
● Denise Rohde
● Gayle Sanchirico
● Doug Saunders
● Betsy Stecker
● Pamela Stoddard
● Marilynn Thomas
● Liz Ingrid Tietz
● Val Tomich
● Rick Wedel
● Cornelia Wende

As is always the case, it is free to walk around the Fourth Avenue gallery and spend as much time as you’d like checking out Midwestern creativity. If you come across something at the show that is simply too cool to not have in your life, all of the artwork is for sale.

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