Sonic Lunch Returns for Another Standout Season

Are you feeling alone, bored, and having a hard time finding good new music? Well don’t worry because Sonic Lunch is coming back this summer!

Concert ticket prices keep popping up in the news for how much prices keep going up. However, every Sonic Lunch concert is free!

“We’re all about the accessible concert community. It’s really a cool thing that you don’t really see everywhere, so whenever they call we’re there,” Sav Buist of the Accidentals said. “Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it is down the road from Zingerman’s. So, we’ll take any chance we get to go there.”

Organizers announced on 107-one Monday morning the eleven week lineup. This eclectic and vibrant mix of up and coming national bands and Michigan-local talent is set to return to regularly fill up Liberty Plaza every Thursday starting on the first Thursday in June, with a break for the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

The main acts will be:

  1. Shaed – June 6
  2. Laith al-Saadi – June 13
  3. Allen Stone – June 20
  4. Madison Cunningham – June 27
  5. Michigander – July 11
  6. The Accidentals – July 25
  7. Frontier Ruckus – August 1
  8. May Erlewine – August 8
  9. Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers – August 15
  10. Antwaun Stanley – August 22
  11. The Crane Wives – August 29

“When you see a line up like this, especially when you’re working on your own music as an artist, and you see a lineup like this, you think ‘oh man, I wish I could do this someday.’ And then to actually do it is a good feeling,” the Accidentals’ Katie Larson said.

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Sonic Lunch is hosted by the Bank of Ann Arbor. They don’t advertise nearly as much as traditional banks because, they say, that they are more interested in bringing a family friendly community building gesture to the area in their name than they are in producing pop up ads and billboards.

Main acts don’t show up until after 12 p.m. When things get going around 11 a.m., you can see the following openers:

  1. Aint Afraid – June 6
  2. Shane Guertte – June 13
  3. Jacob Sigman – June 20
  4. Kate Pillsbury – June 27
  5. Young Ritual – July 11
  6. Joy Clark – July 25
  7. Timothy Monger – August 1
  8. Kate Peterson – August 8
  9. The Rebel Eves – August 15
  10. Andrew Horowitz – August 22
  11. Anna Ash – August 29


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