8 Romantic Date Ideas for a Cannabis-Themed Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is coming up, and although “cannabis” and “romantic” might not be an intuitive pairing for everyone, for the cannabis fans among us, this is the perfect time to think of how to include your favorite flower amongst the roses.

Cannabis actually acts very similarly in our brain to oxytocin, which is famously termed the “love” or “cuddle” hormone as it fosters bonding and love between people. Makes it the perfect substance for Valentine’s day!

  1. Wakey bakey–in bed.

Breakfast in bed and a gentle high–what could be more relaxed than that? Serve weed-infused chocolates on the side of your coffee or tea, smoke a joint with your pancakes, or use a cannabis tincture in your breakfast pastry.

2. Go on a nature walk.

Nothing beats getting high and getting outside. Ann Arbor boasts many beautiful parks, nature walks, and outdoor areas where you can go for a short stroll or spend hours amongst the trees. Whether the weather is snowy, rainy, or sunny, smoke a bowl, throw on your coat and enjoy the crisp air and the sight of nature as you enjoy your high.

3. Relax with a favorite cannabis movie.

If you’re more of a chill Netflix type of couple, enjoy some cannabis classics–The Gentleman, Idle Hands, True Romance, Super Troopers, and Kid Cannabis are just a few of the options at the tip of your fingers!

To really jazz up your experience, try cannabis-infused butter on your popcorn.

4. Cannabis couple massages.

A romantic massage should be a staple or splurge for every couple–giving massages helps relieve stress and fosters bonding hormones between the two of you. Get a cannabis-infused lotion or oil and enjoy rubbing the creaks out of each other’s necks. 

5. Enjoy a cannabis mocktail

Putting cannabis in your mocktails can be a lovely way to relax at home.

NOTE: make sure you’re aware of the strength of your cannabis tincture. Some recommended mocktail drinks that are lovely with cannabis are Cosmopolitans, Screw drivers, and the classic Moscow Mule.

6. Spa day–with your vape.

Spa days are a classic Valentine’s day tradition. When you get to the spa, enjoy your vape pen together before heading in to be spoiled, soothed, and unwind together!


7. Go to the movies.

Up this classic date night by getting high before you head into your showing. 


8. Give them flowers.

No, not roses, not daisies, not a mixed bouquet. Flower. 

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s day–cannabis-filled or otherwise? Tell us in the comments!

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