Play Baked Bingo in Ann Arbor on Monday Nights

If cannabis and bingo both pique your interest, Baked Bingo is for you.

Each Monday night, the original Wacky Weed Tours of Ann Arbor are host Baked Bingo from 6-7:30pm at Haymaker Public House! Haymaker Public House is located at 203 East Washington St, Ann Arbor.

“Win prizes, make friends, have fun,” is their tagline, promising that Monday night can become your favorite night of the week.

For many people, Monday is a tough start to the week, so having something to look forward to after work can turn Monday from dreaded into delightful. Since Baked Bingo has a reasonable start and end time, you will be able to have fun without regretting it the next morning.

Cards are $5. The prize is flower, open to everyone 21 and over. If you have your medical card and are over 18, you are also welcome to attend.

Attendees are usually given a small gift as a “thank you” for attending as well. 

The rules to Bingo are fairly simple. Just be the first to yell ‘BINGO!’  and answer the trivia question correctly to be crowned the next Bingo King or Queen!

You’re welcome to bring a friend or show up by yourself.

Many people are still getting their social legs back after the pandemic shut everything down for so long, and it’s wonderful to see more Ann Arbor community events coming back.

If you are still being COVID cautious and are hesitant to attend an indoor event, check out our article here on ways to enjoy cannabis, be social, but still protect yourself from viruses.

You can follow the same guidelines we are all now quite familiar with: stick with a small group, do rapids beforehand, stay outside and keep social distance. It’s much safer to share edibles, for example, rather than a joint or bong. 

If you have any questions, Baked Bingo welcomes emails at

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