Marijuana Laws FAQs for Michiganders!

Unsure of what you can and can’t do in Michigan with regards to cannabis? Marijuana is legal in Michigan, both recreationally and medically, so what laws should Washtenaw County residents be aware of? Check out these FAQs below!

The general deets:

Anyone over 21 can walk into a dispensary that sells recreational marijuana and purchase. You must be over 18 to qualify for a medical marijuana card. 

How much can I buy?
For medical marijuana, you can buy up to 2.5oz of cannabis a day, up to 10oz a month. For recreational use, you can buy up to 2.5oz at a time. 

Where can I use cannabis?
In your own home or in a private area. Using weed in public is almost always illegal, as is consuming weed in a vehicle.

How safe is the marijuana being sold?

All weed in Michigan is tested for a variety of chemicals and content, including fungicides/insecticides/pesticides, metals, mycotoxins, and chemical residue. 

Can my employer still test me for weed?

Yes. Even though it’s legal, an employer is allowed to test for marijuana usage. Check your job’s requirements to see your employer’s stance on it. 

How much weed is too much on me?

You can have up to 2.5oz of pot on your person, and up to 10oz in your house if it’s locked up. You can keep the 2.5oz in your car, but no one in the car can use it while in the vehicle. 

What’s available for purchase in Michigan dispensaries?
Most dispensaries are selling edibles (gummies, chocolate bars, concentrates), flower, vaporizers, and various accessories.

Is medical marijuana cheaper than recreational marijuana?
Typically, yes! Under MI law, marijuana has an additional excise tax of 10% besides the state’s standard 6% sales tax. Pricing of the flower vs concentrates vs marijuana-infused products varies by dispensary. 

Can I grow weed?
Yes! You can grow up to 12 marijuana plants, and have up to 10oz harvested at a time in your own home. You can give away small amounts of cannabis but can’t sell it without a license. 

Is crossing the border into Ohio an issue?
Yes. It is illegal to bring recreational or medical marijuana from Michigan into Ohio or Indiana. If you commute over state lines, be careful, as you can’t bring marijuana from one state into the next, even if medical marijuana is legal in the other state. 

Confused about legality in border states? Currently, all marijuana is illegal in Indiana and Wisconsin, only medical marijuana is legal in Ohio, and both are legal in Illinois. This map provides an easy visual of where cannabis is legal and where it is not. 

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