Have a Green St. Patrick’s Day​​: Celebrating Safely With Cannabis

St. Patrick’s Day and cannabis go hand in hand — whether you’re Irish or not; who doesn’t like celebrations and friends? These days, more and more Americans are enjoying to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with cannabis rather than booze, and that’s always not a bad idea because, for some, is carries less negative effects to their bodies. 

If you’re interested in celebrating with cannabis this year, check out our top suggestions (with local dispensary recommendations) to celebrate safely and enjoyably!

Easy peasy: just get yourself a THC beverage!

THC beverages, made by using an oil, tincture, or cannabis extract, can come in teas, cocktails or sodas. It can be a nice and easy way to enjoy cannabis.
Skymint’s “Raspberry Lemonade 100mg Beverage” is so yummy and makes dosing so easy — there’s a strip on the back that helps you track how much you’ve had. They’ve also got a delicious infused lemon iced tea if you’d rather lean more toward the tart and refreshing end of the spectrum.

Throw a St. Patrick’s Day brunch.

Whether you want to make a green eggs omelet, corn beef hash or Irish soda bread — it’s so easy to throw cannabis into the mix. Our favorite option is to use a cannabis-infused butter: that way your guests can decide whether they want to get high and how much they want to use at a time.

Check out some suggestions for an Irish breakfast, and how to make an easy cannabis-infused butter!

Take a homemade treat to your friend’s party.

Edibles just hit different. They’ll take a bit longer to get you high — smoking weed will go straight to your brain, but an edible will often inspire a deeper experience. Using cannabutter can go in most edible recipes, but you can also try infusing your favorite brownies/punch/cookies with cannaoil.

For a cozy night in, watch these cannabis friendly films.

Rotten Tomatoes actually has a fantastic list of stoner-friendly films. Check out their recommendations, including,Dazed and Confused”, “The Big Lebowski” or “Friday.”

Or try an Irish film with cannabis munchies!

Check out “The Crying Game,” “The Banshees of Inisherin,” or “The Secret of Kells” — there are lots of well-reviewed Irish films to choose from. 

If you’re celebrating solo, or romantically, try a cannabis candle!

A cannabis candle is a unique way to appreciate cannabis. Edgewater Candles has a lovely grassy, earthy candle that’s layered over the cannabis flower and burns for up to 75 hours.

Wear cannabis-themed clothing

Here’s a way to be green: throw on some cannabis clothes! Exclusive Dispensary has a classy cannabis beanie you can enjoy, as well as hoodies, tanks and t-shirts. Or check out your favorite local dispensary; many of Ann Arbor’s dispensaries offer some form of apparel featuring cannabis. 


Honor Green with nature’s greenery

Enjoying nature with your weed is a classic way to get high — and there aren’t many better cities than Ann Arbor for nature! Follow local laws like don’t smoke on campus, but you can definitely enjoy a joint or edibles with your friends before walking around your neighborhood or hiking on a local trail, like Bird Hills, Barton, or Bluffs. Or lay down on a blanket in your backyard and puff away to your heart’s content.

Infuse a cup of chamomile tea to wind down from the day in weedy style

There’s nothing like a piping hot cup of chamomile tea to help get you in the mood for bedtime. Try stirring in some cannabis-infused honey — there’s a great DIY recipe here. Or you can go for Buddha Tea’s CBD teas–there’s 5mg of CBD in each tea bag and pairs with lavender and lemon balm for a nurturing experience.

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