Black Cat elected Mayor of Hell, Michigan

On April 21st, a historic event took place in Hell, MI: a famous black cat was elected as mayor. 

Jinx–a cat famous for her giant eyes and funny interactions, with over 400,000 followers on Instagram and 735,000 TikTok–took on the role of ensuring all Hell doesn’t break loose in, well, Hell. 

(Jinx is a completely healthy cat by the way, for anyone concerned about her appearance–according to her owner, Mia, and her vet, she just has big feet and big eyes and is notably clumsy!)

Now anyone can become mayor of Hell for a day—here’s a how-to if you’re interested in submitting your own name to the electoral ballot. It’s one of the cool things Hell does. Jinx the cat now has an official proclamation, soil from Hell, and owns a square inch of the town. 

Since Jinx lives in CA, she didn’t have any local mayoral duties–but local folk (or pets) interested in being mayor can pass out exit visas, have lunch, and even witness weddings.  At the end of the day, the mayor receives a phone call informing them they’ve been impeached. 

Jinx was sworn in via telephone by Reverend Vonn of Hell. 

Jinx’s political career started out as a joke: “I made a joke on Twitter saying, ‘Imagine Jinx will run for president,”’ said Mia. “I had also seen animal mayors before, and I sent a tweet out asking how to make Jinx mayor, and someone mentioned Michigan and that you could pay to be mayor of Hell for a day.”

Mayor of Hell, Jinx, when she was a kitten, photo courtesy of Jinx’s Instagram page.

Jinx proclaimed her intention to fill bars with ranch dressing exclusively, ban eggs, and raise taxes to 200% (all proceeds going straight to her). Mia says: “She did not tell me what she plans on doing with the money, but I think it’s not good. I don’t know what her intentions are, but we can only hope.”

For anyone interested in investigating their own chances at becoming mayor of Hell, check out this form!

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