Summer Cannabis Experiences in Ann Arbor

It’s finally summer, and with the summer heat comes so many opportunities to be green outdoors in Ann Arbor, the cannabis capital of the state. When thinking of all the fun things to do in Ann Arbor while high, it’s important to remember how to do so safely and legally!

Fortunately for our Washtenaw county folk, there’s a wealth of dispensaries and micro businesses to check out, as well as a lot of special activities to do high2

1. There’s a lot of options for dispensaries.

Ann Arbor has over 20 dispensaries available to purchase flower, edibles, and more. Cloud Cannabis, Skymint, Herbana — there are dispensaries on all sides of town, selling a variety of vapes, edibles, flower and more.

2. Check out a Wacky Weed tour.

We’d be remiss not to mention the famous Wacky Weed tours, where you get discounts at every store they visit and free VIP swag. “Our tour is part history, part mystery, a lot of laughs and cannabis facts thrown in for good measure,” they promise. “Whether you’re a doobie newbie or a seasoned expert, you’ll have a blast on our tour.” You get to explore downtown and check out lots of cool cannabis deals while so doing.

3. Patronize a microbusiness!

Microbusinesses take care of everything in house: they grow, nurture, and refine everything on site by hand. “This is as close to farm-to-table as you can get in Michigan,” Winewood Founder/Grower Eric Parkhurst said. Winewood in Ann Arbor only grows 150 plants, which means they take special care of every plant and their cannabis lab only processes materials from their own gardens.

4. Baked bingo brunch.

Like Bingo? Like brunch? Like weed? Then Circ’s 1pm brunch on Sundays is perfect for you. An all-you-can-eat buffet is only $10, and everyone gets a prize. You can purchase tickets ahead of time here but you don’t need to — just show up! You’ll make friends, win weed and have a great time.

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Legally, what you CAN do:

If you’re over 21, you can purchase up to 2.5oz of cannabis a day to keep on your person. If you’re just celebrating at home, you can have up to 10oz (it does need to be secured). Concentrates are a different matter, as they are measured by grams–you can have up to 15g on you.

You can consume at any licensed cannabis event. If you want to be in the great outdoors, you can totally consume in a Michigan State Park! You DO need to be in the privacy of your camper or your tent.

Legally, what you CAN’T do:

It might be obvious, but you can’t get stoned while in a car, regardless of if you’re driving or not. You also can’t smoke in public. Your yard is totally fine as long as it’s private.

Stay safe while you enjoy a green summer!

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