Try Happi: Michigan’s New THC-Infused Beverage

With  Happi, a collection of cannabis-infused seltzers, Michiganders can now drink their cannabis doses.  The beverages are ready for any occasion, claims the marketing materials regarding the Michigan-made, claimed first-to-market THC-infused beverage.

Amid growing interest in the connection between health and cannabis, Happi aims to meet in the middle, with seltzer flavors that are gluten-free, made with organic fruit and non-GMOs. Co-founded by Lisa Hurwitz and Joe Reynolds, Happi is available in 8.5-ounce cans, each 15-25 calories, in a variety of flavors. One of Hurwitz’s goals is to make cannabis products accessible to women. While marketing to all market segments, Happi may be most intriguing to those curious about cannabis or looking for a low-calorie alternative to alcoholic beverages. 

The beverages deliver a light buzz without a hangover the next day. Each 8.5oz can is infused with 2.5mg of THC. Higher dosage Happi seltzers are in development. 

Varied flavors 

The raspberry honeysuckle is a fresh and fruity drink that is perfect for celebrating. It is made with seven simple ingredients including carbonated water, organic agave nectar, organic raspberry juice, natural flavors, organic lemon juice, and of course, cannabis extract. 

The pomegranate hibiscus is popular for the “glass-half-full” types–it brims “with a subtle spark that calms and comforts.” Its seven ingredients are similar to the raspberry honeysuckle flavor, except with Organic Pomegranate Juice.

The lemon elderflower provides a bright flavor leaving consumers happy. This drink features seven core ingredients to create its unique flavor.

Lastly, the energized lime wild mint is another bright and citrusy option with seven ingredients including organic pomegranate juice and organic lime juice.

Whether you are taking a day to relax or celebrating with friends, it can now always be  “Happi Hour.” 

It’s easy to order Happi for Michigan (and Maine!). A portion of Happi’s profits go towards the Black and Brown Cannabis Guild. 

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