Introduce Your Summer Visitors to the Washtenaw County Cannabis Scene — Safely and Enjoyably

Ann Arbor, the cannabis capital of the state, is an incredible place to visit for the summer. If you have friends coming to town who enjoy partaking in the devil’s lettuce, here’s our favorite list of local marijuana shops and micro businesses to hit up, as well as a refresher of what’s legal and what’s not in A2 so you can enjoy everything safely!

  1. Cloud Cannabis’s mission is to help everyone “live higher” becoming the best version of themselves, with the support of cannabis. Whether you want to find pain relief, ease insomnia, or relax, they are committed to helping you feel “as light as a cloud”. Cloud Cannabis is also committed to giving back to the community and frequently partners with local nonprofits such as the Humane Society and programs that support veterans. They supply cannabis both medically and recreationally and offer a variety of edibles, flower and concentrates. 
  2. 3Fifteen Ann Arbor prides themselves on being artistic creatives who are in the cannabis business out of love, both for cannabis and what it can do for communities and the world. The largest cannabis chain in the state, they sell vapes, accessories, edibles, CBD, flower, and more–and their prices are affordable. Their website has an entire “knowledge” section showing you how to dab, dose an edible, make canna butter, and more!
  3. Arborside prides themselves on their “budtenders”, who serve their mission to give their customers the “hands-on knowledge they need to medicate in a way that’s best for their needs”. They launched their own flower several years ago, harvested in premium small-batches and grown in a sustainable LED facility. Founded by local Michiganders, Arborside offers flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and vaporizers and also gives back to their local community with donations.
  4. Winewood Organics is Ann Arbor’s only cannabis microbusiness. A family-owned independent business, they pride themselves on being “farm-to-table” — but for organically cultivated cannabis. You can read all about their growing process here, including the care they put into cultivating their soil, controlling their environment, and conscientiously trimming and harvesting their cannabis. They sell a variety of products, including chocolates, full spectrum oil, THC drops, gummies, live rosin and more. See our recent review on Winewood Organics. 

Marijuana’s been legal in A2 for several years, but there are still some do’s and don’ts when it comes to consuming cannabis in the town.


  1. Feel safe having up to 2.5 oz of weed in your possession. If you’re driving, just keep it sealed and/or in the trunk.
  2. If you want to have more than 10 oz, you can do that at your home, but it needs to be stored in a locked area or a locked container. 
  3. To be extra safe, consume cannabis in your home or a similar private place where it’s allowed. The laws on public consumption are hazy. 


  1. Drive while high or while consuming cannabis in any form. It’s also illegal for your passenger to do so. Any level of THC in the bloodstream can be charged as a DUI, so only drive sober. 
  2. Transport more than 2.5oz of weed.
  3. Take a day trip to Windsor with your weed. Crossing borders with the substance is illegal. 
  4. Consume if you’re under 21. 
  5. Federally, marijuana is still not considered legal, so don’t cross state lines with your cannabis. 

Generally, treat cannabis laws like you might treat alcohol laws, and enjoy your cannabis with your out-of-town guests! 

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