Grizzly Peak Pledges to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Ann Arbor’s Grizzly Peak Brewing Co., under the leadership of general manager Stacy Baird, is switching to biodegradable paper straws and eliminating the use of their plastic counterparts. This simple act may seem like a small concession toward preserving the environment but, according to Baird, nearly 175 billion plastic straws are disposed of in the U.S. each year and they cause extensive damage to ecosystems by ending up in landfills and trickling into water sources. In addition, the brewery is committed to recycling all glass bottles and using biodegradable containers for all carry-out products. It’s also teaming up with My Green Michigan to compost its food waste. The new initiatives are “our way of showing our commitment to making the world a better place and helping ensure a healthy planet for generations down the road,” Baird says.

Grizzly Peak Brewing Co.,
120 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor

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