Summer Pop-Up Restaurants: Unique Dishes that Pop Up in Washtenaw County

Washtenaw County is full of tasty food, and some restaurants just pop up! Here’s how and when to find delicious local pop-up restaurants.

pop-up restaurant
Image courtesy of Lady Kai Kar.

Food in Washtenaw County is always delicious and diverse, making it hard to beat. For much of the summer, the county is home to many wonderful pop-up restaurants. This list cultivates some of the upcoming and ongoing pop-ups to look forward to. On top of eating amazing food, support local businesses (many owned by people of color). Some of these pop-ups also sell food in local Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti stores, so look-out for their brand names next time you go shopping. 

Check out these options for traditional Mexican cuisine, Vietnamese spices in broth, delicious but beautiful pastries, and more! 

A Rogue Baker

Handmade bagels sold by the half dozen.

Order bagels from Leah through this form. Orders open every Saturday at 10:30 am. If you miss ordering these delicious handmade bagels this week, try again next week!

Photo courtesy of Chef G.


Variety of pop-ups including Italian and Cuban foods.

Check out Chef Gregorio’s many pop-up and ordering options on Instagram or email him at Find where he’ll be next at the Allora Instagram page.

Where you can find him:
CultivateYpsi (307 N River St., Ypsilanti) from 5-7pm every Tuesday.

Andi’s Secret Salads

Ready to eat salads with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and dressings.

Order salads from Andi by texting at 419-595-0351 or Instagram direct messages. Twenty salads are made daily, ordering is based on a first-come, first-choice basis. 

pop-up restaurants
Photo courtesy of Beara Bakes.

Beara Bakes

Varieties of pastries and cakes made in a bakery pop-up.

Check out the Beara Bakes Instagram for information on their monthly bake sales at The Bar (327 Braun Court). You can also shop their desserts at the Beara Bakes online shop with their monthly menus.

Where you can find them:
Ann Arbor Distilling (220 Felch St.) on Thursdays 

Basil Babe

Thai food with a focus on dumplings

Visit the Basil Babe website to see the latest on where they’ll be popping up. Basil Babes often runs out of their delicious Rangoon and dumplings, so be sure to stop by quick!

Where you can find them:
Every Wednesday at CultivateYpsi (307 N River St., Ypsilanti) from 5-8pm.
The Grotto (303 S Ashley) on July 17 from 5-8pm

Dave Makes Pasta

Pre-made pasta kits 

Orders open on Sundays. Order through Instagram direct messages for Friday and Saturday pick-up.

pop-up restaurant
Photo courtesy of Guadalupe’s


Tacos and taquitos (paired with salsas!) made by a mother and son duo

Check out Guadalupe’s Instagram account for information about upcoming pop-ups. Don’t miss out on your chance to try their varieties of tacos and taquitos! 

Juicy Oistre

Raw oysters for shucking and oyster dishes made with fresh ingredients 

Direct message Juicy Oistre on Instagram for personalized catering or just check it out for the latest news and location on this Oyster-based truck.

Where you can find them:
Every Sunday at CultivateYpsi (307 N River St., Ypsilanti) from 12-3pm.
Ann Arbor Distilling (220 Felch St.) on July 30

Lady Kai Kar

Thai food for all kinds of eaters.

Check out the Lady Kai Kar Instagram for weekly updates on pop-ups and options around town for delicious Thai cuisine. 

Lucha Puerco

Varieties of tacos and burritos.

This delicious taco truck offers some of the best tacos and burritos around. It’s definitely the place to stop by when you can! Check out their website for their pop-up schedule.

Where you can find them:
Every Thursday at CultivateYpsi (307 N River St., Ypsilanti) from 4-8pm
The Grotto (303 S Ashley) on July 16 from 5-8pm

pop-up restaurants
Photo courtesy of Pho at Door.

Pho At Door

Broth is made with traditional Vietnamese spices and fresh ingredients.

Check out the Pho At Door Instagram and website for information on Pho At Door’s specialty broths.

Pizza Replicator

Star Trek The Next Generation-themed pizza.

Check out the Pizza Replicator’s Instagram account for information on weekly menus and pop-ups. 

Where you can find them:
Ann Arbor Distilling (220 Felch St.) on July 15 and July 22
The Grotto (303 S Ashley) on July 23

The White Pine Kitchen

Bringing dinner back to the table with cuisine from around the world.

Order through their website and check back weekly for new menus. Orders placed by Saturday at noon are delivered on Sunday between 4-6pm and orders placed by Monday at noon are delivered on Tuesday between 4-6pm.

Why Not Pie

Hand-made Michigan-themed pies.

Order one of four hand-made pies by Chef Janice by emailing her at Pies are made on Thursdays and delivered on Fridays.

pop-up restaurant
Photo courtesy of Ypsimales


Traditional Mexican food with a kick

Ypsimales Chef Jared Barajas takes personal orders at but also participates in pop-ups. Check out the Ypsimales Instagram for pop-up information and make sure to indulge in their traditional Mexican food!

Don’t see your favorite pop-up restaurant? Let us know! Leave a comment or email us at to add them to our list.