Reading Foundation Donates $1 Million for WCC Nursing Students

Creating Ten Annual Full-Ride Nursing Scholarships

Starting in winter 2022,  Washtenaw Community College Foundation  will be able to give ten annual full-ride scholarships to nursing students. 

This is possible due to a $1 million donation from Agnes and Stephen Reading, longtime supporters of WCC. The scholarship will be awarded this winter, then annually in the fall, starting 2022. 

“Nurses are the soul of a hospital. Ensuring excellent nursing care for people in our community is of utmost importance to us,” Stephen Reading said. “I’ve been in the hospital a lot and have met many nurses. Agnes and I have been moved by the care we’ve received from nurses and have made good friends.”

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists registered nursing as among the fastest-growing occupations through 2030, with projections of 194,950 openings each year, with a median pay in 2020 of ~$75k. 

In addition to the shortage of nurses pre-pandemic, the last few years have created an even larger need for nurses.  

Each year, WCC’s program graduates nearly 150 nursing students. Clinical partnerships with hospitals and other health care facilities ensure that students receive valuable training and experience.

Completing a degree has its own challenges with work and family responsibilities, and the Reading Foundation wanted to make this an easier process.  “Students can complete three years at WCC for about the cost of one year at a traditional four-year university. Not only is it a bargain, but WCC has an excellent reputation for its rigorous nursing program,” said Agnes Reading.

Recipients of this award will have all school-related expenses covered for three years. After this period, they may transfer to Eastern Michigan University where they can receive a B.S. in Nursing. 

WCC’s nursing program is rigorous with around 150 graduates every year. According to, “The Nursing program takes a holistic approach to student development and focuses on professionalism, competency, high ethics, safety and compassion for the good of the patient, family and community.”

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