5 Cozy Ann Arbor Restaurants with Fireplaces

Photo of Union Rec by Gerard Belevender.

As walking around town gets harder to brave as the weather gets colder, it can be so rewarding to walk into a restaurant and be welcomed by a warm fireplace. Not only do fireplaces provide quick and much-needed warmth, but they also give a place a special vibe and overall enhanced cozyness. To help everyone prepare for the season, we gathered some of Ann Arbor’s best spots with fireplaces.

Union Rec 

Photo of Union Rec by Gerard Belevender.

Union Rec co-owner Curt Catallo said that when designing the space, co-owner Ann Stevenson “practically envisioned it from the fireplace out.” Union Rec’s fireplace is featured prominently in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by couches and lounge chairs. It’s the perfect place to sit with a book and one of Union Rec’s signature coffee creations, or just try out some of their signature dishes with a friend. 

Union Rec is a relatively new restaurant that opened right down the street from Washtenaw Dairy and The Big House serving American-Latin fusion. The restaurant is just one part of Union Joints, a group of restaurants, stores and food brands around Michigan. 

545 S Main St., Ann Arbor.

Photo provided by Conor O’Neill’s.

Conor O’Neill’s

Conor O’Neill’s was awarded Best Irish Pub in Michigan by both Yahoo and Delish in 2020. Their food, drinks and events fuel the locals while the fireplace keeps the community warm. Conor’s is found on Main Street, making it an easy walk from many parts of downtown Ann Arbor. It is also one of the only restaurants in Washtenaw County providing Irish cuisine in conjunction with Irish Whiskey. Of course, Conor’s has a variety of options for drinks and dining which can be found on their website or in person. Cono O’Neill’s has been around since 1998 and as the weather grows colder, now is as good of a time to try or return as ever.

318 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, 48104

Photo by Kari Paine.

Homes Campus

Homes Campus is a unique space found in Western Ann Arbor. They have both the Can Shop, their brewery and a coffee shop called Dozer. If you are looking for an outdoor space for casually hanging with friends around a fire, this is a great place to check out. It is also available for renting for larger parties such as weddings (pictured) and other outdoor events. The indoor spaces of Homes feature a very modern design and aesthetic, perfect for warming up with a coffee or a cocktail. 

Dozer Coffee | 112 Jackson Plaza, Ann Arbor.

The Can Shop | 231 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor.

Photo provided by Brian Kung.

Sweetwaters Plymouth Green

Even part of a national chain, Sweetwaters is considered to be an Ann Arbor staple, with ten different shops in the city alone. Although it is currently out of commission, the Sweetwters Coffee & Tea shop on Plymouth Rd. in northern Ann Arbor has a giant fireplace. The management of Sweetwaters is currently working on replacing the fireplace with a modern electric version that will still provide warmth to those in its vicinity. The fireplace will be back and better than ever as soon as possible following its replacement but in the meantime make sure to still check out Sweetwaters for warm drinks and atmosphere. 

3393 Plymouth Rd., Ann Arbor.

Photo from Pizzahouse.com.

Pizza House 

Yet another local staple is Pizza House in Ann Arbor. Their fireplace is situated in the middle of one of the massive common dining spaces, perfect for group or individual enjoyment. With 500 seats, many can enjoy Pizza House as well as their fireplace. Pizza House is known not only for its food and lively atmosphere but also for the fact that they are one of the only restaurants in downtown Ann Arbor open until 4 a.m. every day. They also offer trivia every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and the opportunity to watch football with an animated community throughout the week. 

618 Church St., Ann Arbor.

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