Find new films online through the Michigan Theater’s Virtual Movie Palace

. April 23, 2020.
From the documentary Pahokee, which opens April 24.
From the documentary Pahokee, which opens April 24.

Movie lovers have had to go without trips to the theater, popcorn with fake butter and really expensive Milk Duds for over a month now, but that doesn’t mean they have to go without new movies. The Michigan Theater is offering audiences stuck at home a chance to enjoy a “Virtual Movie Palace” and experience new films through its website.

Fans who want to support the Michigan Theater can rent and/or purchase the movies on offer through links provided on the page, and in turn, a portion of the price will go back to support the Michigan Theater Foundation.

Among the films on offer this week:

The Dog Doc

A deep look at one of the most unique veterinary doctors on the planet, this documentary profiles Dr. Marty Goldstein, who believes in holistic methods of healing pets. ($12 rental.)


A tall, slender nurse named Iya has a chance encounter with a woman named Masha in post-WWII Leningrad, an incident that ties their fate together in a turbulent time. In Russian with English subtitles. ($12 rental.)


This documentary focuses on a small, rural community in Florida as its residents face an uncertain future. Opens April 24. ($12 rental.)


A young law student becomes radicalized and obsessed with assassinating Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in this disturbing thriller. Opens April 24. ($12 rental.)

In addition, you can join the staff of the Michigan Theater on Twitch for a watch-along party of the classic 80s dark comedy Heathers on April 25 at 9pm.

For more information about upcoming Virtual Screenings, visit the Michigan Theater website.


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