Classes, exhibits and great performances offered by U-M during virus hiatus

. April 1, 2020.

Hear distinguished speakers, explore exhibits, hear beautiful musical performances and take courses, all without leaving your home. The University of Michigan is offering a cornucopia of learning opportunities to students, faculty and the general public via online resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only are the University’s libraries, museums and performance organizations working to add content online at UM’s Arts and Culture website, but also Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCS) on Michigan Online will offer instruction on a variety of subjects. These classes are free to UM faculty, staff and alumni, but will carry a “small cost” for members of the public.

Among the exhibits, archives and more available for viewing are:

The Kelsey Museum of Archeology hosts all of its past exhibitions online.

The Museum of Natural History offers virtual tours and science videos.

The Penny Stamps Speaker Series will continue online, with an extensive archive of past speeches available.

-The most recent TedxUofM conference can be watched in full.

The University of Michigan Library hosts several online exhibits.

The U-M Museum of Art offers its entire collection online.

-Visitors to the U-M School of Music, Theatre and Dance website can find many performances and interviews available for viewing.

The University Musical Society offers many online resources and playlists for listeners.

The William L Clements Library website features several online exhibits focused on early American history.

A complete list of U-M courses available online can be seen at


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