Enjoy independent films from home with Cinema Detroit

Fans starved for truly independent films have a chance to sample some great titles and support an area theater during a difficult time. Cinema Detroit, the only first-run independent movie house in Greater Downtown, is offering links to a variety of titles for viewing through its website.

Dubbed the “Virtual Cinema,” the online event sees a number of anticipated films— fiction, documentaries and more— available for online rental, with a portion of each film’s ticket price going to support Cinema Detroit. The movies available are:


A 2019 Brazilian and French thriller about a small Brazilian town that must fight for its very existence ($12).

The Best of Cat Video Fest

A compilation of some of the best clips from the annual cat video fundraiser (pay-what-you-want ticket price).

Corpus Christi

A 2019 Polish drama about a released prisoner who is mistaken for a priest. It was the 2020 nominee for Best International Film at the Oscars. ($12). 

Extra Ordinary

A 2020 Belgian and Irish comedy about an Irish driving instructor with supernatural abilities ($12).

Once Were Brothers

A Scorsese-produced 2019 documentary telling the behind-the-scenes story of Robbie Robertson and The Band ($12).

Slay the Dragon

A 2019 documentary that offers a piercing look at the problem of gerrymandering ($6.99).

The Wild Goose Lake

A 2019 Chinese thriller about a small-time Mob leader who gets a price put on his head.

Zombi Child

A 2019 French and Haitian horror/thriller about a child from Haiti who moves to France, where her family’s supposed history with voodoo comes to light ($12).

Cinema Detroit has been open since 2013. For more information about the theater or the Virtual Cinema event, visit the Cinema Detroit website.

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