Ticket to Ride: Swizzille Trip’s ‘Psychedelic Friday’ Aug. 30 at The Blind Pig

. August 29, 2019.
Swizzille Trip’s Kyle Mikolajczyk, Preston Preiss and Michael Kalb share their trippy psych-rock in metro Detroit.
Swizzille Trip’s Kyle Mikolajczyk, Preston Preiss and Michael Kalb share their trippy psych-rock in metro Detroit.

Swizzille Trip will take Ann Arbor on a dreamy, unhinged sonic ride Friday night.

The Detroit psych-rock trio will host “Psychedelic Friday” with Detroit Trouble, The Kenny Hill Group, Frame 42 and XLR8 at The Blind Pig. It will be a far-out musical journey filled with trippy, poppy and down-home blues-rock fitting for a Labor Day weekend kickoff.

“We’ve never actually played The Blind Pig before so we’re pretty stoked to play there,” said Michael Kalb, Swizzille Trip’s guitarist and vocalist. “The nice thing about this show is that each group is pretty different and reflects a variety of genres that all fit really nicely together.”

Along with bandmates Kyle Mikolajczyk (bass, vocals) and Preston Preiss (drums, vocals), Kalb will perform tracks from Swizzille Trip’s latest psych-tastic album, “Interstellar Wonderlove,” including “Water,” a heartfelt acoustic rock anthem, and “Sand” an intergalactic, bass-fueled cover of the 2000 Phish classic.

“‘Water’ was written by Preston Preiss, who is incredibly talented, so it was great to have him sing lead vocals. It’s about going through times of tough decisions, but having a place to go that feels like home,” said Kalb, who formed Swizzille Trip in 2015. “We chose to cover ‘Sand’ in part because of the lyrics that seem to reflect our philosophy as a band. We had been playing with it in rehearsals for a while and were really having fun with it so we decided to record it.”

Swizzille Trip will continue writing and recording new material for “Interstellar Wonderlove,” which features themes of peace and unity, at Tempermill Studio in Ferndale. 

“Rather than waiting until all the songs are done, we’ve decided to release the songs as they become available. We’re going back into the studio in September and plan on releasing at least a couple more songs this year,” Kalb said. “We’ll also be releasing a very fun song in November for the holidays called ‘Zombie Snowman.’”

Psychedelic Friday
Swizzille Trip, Detroit Trouble, The Kenny Hill Group, Frame 42 and XLR8
8 p.m. | Friday, August 30
The Blind Pig, 208 S. First St. in Ann Arbor
Tickets: $7, in advance/$10, day of show


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