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Yellow Brick Road: Mustard’s Retreat keeps folk music’s legacy alive locally, nationally

Nearly 45 years later, Mustard’s Retreat remains defiantly hopeful about keeping folk music’s spirit alive. The Ann Arbor folk music trio of David Tamulevich, Libby Glover and Michael Hough continues to preserve the genre’s timeless sound through iconic tales about love, growth and change.  With 14 albums and 6,000-plus live shows, Mustard’s Retreat has attracted

Jazzed Up

Joan Belgrave Quartet Makes Blue LLama Jazz Club Debut October 18 Joan Belgrave brings her soothing jazz vocals to Tree Town this month. The legendary Detroit jazz singer-songwriter will make her Blue LLama Jazz Club debut Friday, October 18 when she’ll perform two separate sets as part of a quartet with Zen Zadravec (piano), Ibrahim