Contest Open for Local Musicians to Create Movie Score

Film director Amy Weber would like to provide artists an opportunity to feature your music in her upcoming film, A Girl Like Him. A spiritual successor to the highly-acclaimed Netflix hit, A Girl Like Her.

A Girl Like Her is a film that excelled in its depth. The found-footage drama received viral praise for its realistic take on bullying. However, one aspect that drove this narrative was the soundtrack itself; the emotionally charged and soft-spoken, yet often heavy-hitting songwriting helped guide the emotional arc of the film’s message. 

In A Girl Like Him, the follow-up narrative feature, Amy Weber, aims her lens again at the teen experience, crafting a coming-of-age story of a non-binary teen trying to navigate love and friendship after coming out. 

For this film, Weber looks to hold a competition to provide opportunities to artists with a platform to feature in the score and the film’s soundtrack.

“The music competition is for a way to explore artists, who may not have their music on a platform yet, or yet have a following as large, to be featured possibly in the film, A Girl Like Him.” Weber continued later, “In the digital era of music, of the streaming time that we live in now, it’s easier to get discovered, especially with Tik-Tock, and Instagram, and all those beautiful soundscapes you can upload and people can reuse your audio. This (film) allows it to be in a longer format, and at the same kind of narrative.”

While the contest is accepting submissions from all artists, the Michigan native admits to having a soft spot for fellow Michigan artists. Highlighting fellow Michigander, singer/songwriter Olivia Millerschin with her hit song, “I Can Say.” which was featured in A Girl Like Her. and reached well over 3 million streams.

“Michigan has always been a soft spot for me for creation. I kept my business here. And for emotional reasons, my family is here. I love the artists I get to meet, so with the music portion, I met some incredible artists through competitions like this one, in particular, Oliva Millerschin.”

Weber continued, “I will talk about Olivia all day long because Olivia wrote the song I can say featured in A Girl Like Her. in the third act, and it shaped the entire way. We chose to edit and thread that last very emotional, difficult-to-watch scene together because of Olivia’s song, and that song went on and is still streaming.”

For the chosen artists, Weber hints, the winning score could potentially provide the story in dictating pivotal moments of the film.

“There is almost this open door, this clean slate to come in and help thread this story with this music. I’m open to all (different) types of music because when I hear it, I know which scene would work beautifully in.” Weber continues, “I not only get to hear new artists, but they also help shape how the scenes play out and the emotion they bring.”

For those looking to submit music, artists will have to submit their music to Additionally, submissions are due no later than August 15, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. Weber reassures willing participants that the film will only serve as a platform for the artist. 

“We use it to help thread the emotional pieces of the story together and feature the music. Artists retain all of their copyright, all of their ability to profit off of their music. So this is a win-win for everybody. Right?”

The principal production of A Girl Like Him begins Aug. 3, 2022, in the Detroit Metro area. Weber is opening this invitation worldwide to all genres of music.

Antonio Cooper
Antonio Cooper
Antonio Cooper is a freelance journalist from Detroit, Michigan. His coverage of music festivals and interviews with local celebrities appeared in The E-Current Magazine, The Detroit Metro Times, RichMagDigital, The Ann Arbor Observer, and Pop Magazine.

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