Della’s Brings Beauty Products to Ann Arbor

Della’s features a plethora of hair products, tools, and gift ideas. Photo provided by Della’s.

Della’s is Ann Arbor’s new boutique and beauty store. Created by store owner Sheena McCullers. The new supply business looks to fill a glaring void for people of color and their accessibility to buy beauty products.

When McCullers opened the doors to her new beauty supply store, she envisioned a business with a welcoming “cool-auntie” atmosphere. Working with an interior designer to create a lively Black-home aesthetic. 

Located at 313 S. State Street in Ann Arbor, Della’s welcomes customers with a warming aesthetic. From its lively aura, vibrant colored walls, and an infectiously-good playlist oozing throughout the store, McCullers said she wants to create a space that feels “good for the soul.”

“I’ve been a part of these spaces that have felt good for the soul and good for me as a Black woman. I wanted this place to feel like that,” McCullers said. “When I think about soulful and restorative spaces, it always reminds me of an aunt’s house. You go to your aunt’s house for good food and conversation. You might hear a little gossip. The vibes are always on a thousand.” 

Officially opening on March 1, Della’s is  and one of the few Black-owned stores in the city. McCuller said she wants Black people to have a sense of belonging that typically is not offered in non-Black spaces. 

“When I first moved to Ann Arbor, I looked for places that signaled I belonged.  I want Black women and Black men to feel good. I want allies to come in and say, ‘I understand this is a space for people of color, but I’m here to be part of the process and the community too,'” she said. 

Della’s displays a gambit of beauty supply products. Offering hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, styling, gels and creams. The store also sells hair tools and a selection of hair “For protective styles like braids, faux locs, wigs, adding extensions or changing the look of your hair,” McCullers said.  

In addition to these items, McCullers says one of her favorite inclusions is the bevy of gift items available for purchase. 

“I’m focused on curating a selection of gift items that are Black-owned, Latinx-owned, and queer-friendly,” McCullers said. “I want to do my part in keeping money in that ecosystem for other businesses within the community.”

Since opening, McCullers remains ecstatic about the foot traffic she’s received, despite the current construction happening directly on State Street and its relatively discrete location. 

“It’s been only a short time since the store has been open. But I’m pretty pleased with the foot traffic. We’re in that unique space, but people are discovering Della’s, which is beautiful,” she said. 

McCullers states that she wants Della’s to grow in store size and become a symbol for the community. 

“I wanted the store to be colorful, and for people to catch a good vibe. I wanted representations of Black women on the walls and for people to feel a space of belonging,” McCullers said. “The store is not a transactional experience. Every business needs to make money but linger around. This store is an experience where you can connect with others.”

Antonio Cooper
Antonio Cooper
Antonio Cooper is a freelance journalist from Detroit, Michigan. His coverage of music festivals and interviews with local celebrities appeared in The E-Current Magazine, The Detroit Metro Times, XXL Magazine, RichMagDigital, The Ann Arbor Observer, and Pop Magazine.

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