A Celebration of Michigan Craft Beer

The Michigan Summer Beer Festival is one of the most anticipated events for beer lovers in Michigan, taking place at the end of July. It’s like the ultimate backyard barbecue, but instead of your neighbor’s grill, you’ve got access to some of the finest craft beers in the state.

The fesitival will take place Saturday, July 26 from 5-9pm ($50 in advance, $60 day of and at the gate) and Sunday, July 27 from 1-6pm ($55 in advance, $65 day of and at the gate IF available).

MI Summer Beer Festival promo courtesy of @mibrewers instagram
MI Summer Beer Festival promo courtesy of @mibrewers instagram

Organizer and History

This frothy celebration is organized by the Michigan Brewers Guild, a dedicated group that has been the mastermind behind this festival since 1997. That’s right, for over two decades, beer enthusiasts have been coming together to enjoy the rich diversity of Michigan’s craft brewing scene.


The festival is held every year to celebrate Michigan’s vibrant craft beer culture, bringing together brewers and beer lovers alike. It’s an opportunity to showcase the creativity and passion that goes into making each unique brew.

About the Michigan Brewers Guild

The Guild is the driving force behind the festival. Their mission is to promote and protect the Michigan craft beer industry. They are dedicated to ensuring that the beer community continues to thrive, and they do this by advocating for the interests of their members, providing education and organizing events like this fantastic festival. Their efforts help ensure that the craft beer industry in Michigan remains innovative and resilient.

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2023 MI Summer Beer Festival attendees courtesy of @mibrewers instagram
2023 MI Summer Beer Festival attendees courtesy of @mibrewers instagram

Festival Highlights

The festival is more than just a beer-tasting event; it’s a full-on celebration. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Beer Galore: With over 100 Michigan breweries participating, there will be hundreds of different beers to sample. From IPAs to stouts, lagers to sours, there are beer styles for every palate.
  • Live Music: The festival isn’t just about the brews. There’s a fantastic lineup of live music to keep the energy high and the atmosphere buzzing. Expect local bands and possibly some well-known regional acts that will get everyone dancing.
  • Food Trucks and Vendors: You’ll need something to balance all that beer, right? The festival features an array of food trucks and vendors offering delicious eats that pair perfectly with your favorite brews.
  • Interactive Exhibits: Some brewers set up interactive exhibits where you can learn more about the brewing process, the ingredients and what makes each brew unique. It’s a chance to geek out on beer knowledge and appreciate the craft even more.

This is a must-attend event for anyone who loves beer or wants to experience the camaraderie and community spirit that Michigan’s craft beer scene fosters. So grab your tickets, gather your friends and get ready to toast to our state’s finest brews!

Riverside Park, 2 Cross St., Ypsilanti. mibeer.com.

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