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Addressing Climate Change with Jonathan Overpeck

Professor Jonathan Overpeck is an interdisciplinary climate scientist and the Samuel A. Graham Dean of the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan. How is Michigan being affected by climate change relative to other parts of the U.S.? Climate change presents both opportunities and challenges. People in other parts of the country

Art On The Rocks, Marquette

In 2019, over the weekend of July 27th and July 28th, Art on the Rocks will celebrate its 61st annual fine art and crafts festival in Mattson Lower Harbor Park.

Perry Preschool Project

James Heckman, Nobel Laureate and Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, recently released a pair of companion papers on a pioneering 1960’s study of early childhood education and the long term life lifting impacts for participants and for their children.

Brisbo Named Executive Director Of Marijuana Regulatory Agency

The State Senate named Andrew Brisbo the Executive Director of the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, formerly the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation, after a Senate confirmation hearing on May 2nd. Brisbo is not new to marijuana regulation: he led the State’s efforts to develop rules to enforce the 2016 law legalizing medical marijuana. Brisbo and his staff