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Summer Festival Guide

With many summer music festivals just weeks away, Current is keeping you hip to the biggest and best parties this festival season. Choosing is tough — there’s a lot out there —and it’s about time to finalize summer plans.

Forged in the Glass City

Before 1962, glassworking existed almost exclusively in the hands of scientists, engineers, and manufacturers. Some glass art was created in the 1940s and 1950s, but generally, the only place to find a furnace hot enough to manipulate glass was in a factory setting.

Type Rider

People respond to turning 40 in many different ways. Maya Stein’s response was to put a typewriter on her bike and cycle from Amherst, Massachusetts to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Hot fun at the Summer Fest

Patti Smith is an iconic New York triple threat. Called the “Godmother of Punk,” her rock career is legendary, beginning with Horses in 1975 and still going strong with the release of her 11th studio album, Banga, this month.

James Bond 101

When film director/producer/author Paul Kyriazi published his course, How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle, in the late ‘90s, he didn’t predict that copies of the book would one day command bids of more than $1000 on eBay.