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Ann Arbor Distilling Company’s Alyssa Hughes Talks Production Philosophy

When Alyssa Hughes, the new interim head distiller at Ann Arbor Distilling Company, first started reading about alchemy as a teenager, she had no idea that her fascination with the topic would lead to her to become a cheesemaker and, eventually, a distiller of spirits. While the connection between alchemy, cheesemaking and distilling might seem

Chef Lindsay-Jean Hard

The hard truth about the flavors you are missing As climate change storms to the forefront of critical issues in the early-21st Century, the search for new and innovative methods of waste reduction takes on a new sense of urgency. Finding a place to start can seem like a daunting task until you take into

Louis Goral

Executive Chef at Blue LLama Jazz Club By Grace Jensen Louis Goral is a critically-acclaimed chef who has cooked all over the country, from Denver to Philadelphia to Chicago to Washington D.C. to New York City. Now, he has settled down in Ann Arbor to create music-inspired cuisine at the Blue LLama Jazz Club (a