Support Local Artists at Chelsea Painters 48th Annual Art Fair

Discover something new, see recent work and add to your collection while supporting local artists and the fine arts community at the Chelsea Painters 48th Annual Art Fair.

The art fair will take place on Saturday, June 10, and Sunday, June 11, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Chelsea Community Fairgrounds. It’s free, accessible and open to everyone.

Support local artists at the Chelsea Painters Art Fair

This annual art fair offers original fine art and cards in a variety of media, including watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, gouache, encaustic, mosaic, colored pencil and mixed media. Artists include members of Chelsea Painters and work in a range of styles and approaches to offer something for every art lover.

Artists for Chelsea Painters 48th Annual Art Fair:

Map of the art fair. Photo from Art Fair Media Kit 2023.

Barb Anderson

Currently working with acrylics a variety of surfaces, Anderson’s playful work is inspired by people who view the world differently from the norm.

Janice Stevens Botsford

Stevens Botsford creates award-winning work that covers a variety of subject matter and media, including organic forms. Not only has she contributed locally to community arts projects, but her work can also be found in local and international private collections.

Susan Clinthorne

Working in many mediums, including pastel, acrylic, watercolor, sculpture and installation, Clinthorne’s autobiographical work has won several awards. She has taught classes both in Ann Arbor and abroad, and often works with her sister, Sally Thielen.

John A. Copley

Copley’s long career in the arts has led him to projects throughout the region, including award-winning ones. But painting is his first love.

Patricia Davenport

A portrait and still life artist, Davenport developed her technique over her 20-plus year career from pastel and charcoal to watercolor to oil painting.

Mary Beth Day

Day’s oil paintings have a focus on architectural elements and nature.

Michael Dority

With favorite subjects being common things of everyday life, such as buildings, paths and rivers, and the stories that these things tell, Dority prefers to work in oils.

Barbara Gilbert

Creating water media and collage paintings that celebrate memories of flora and landscapes,  Gilbert’s work has been recognized in juried exhibitions and is shown both privately and publicly in gallery collections.

Tina Hotchkiss

Hotchkiss uses watercolor, ink and pencil to create colorful nature scenes. She is also an art teacher.

Linda J.K. Klenczar

Pastels are Klenszar’s current preferred medium, and she has studied with national professionals over the past decade to refine her technique.

William Knudstrup

Knudstrup paints lively images of specific times and places – snapshots of timeless memories that come to life in bold color.

Lois Lovejoy

Having spent the early part of her career as a book illustrator and graphic artist, Lovejoy uses water media, paint and pastel to explore the countryside and places she loves.

Gwyn McKay

McKay has lived and worked in many places, including Indonesia and Alaska, and always found making and seeing art to be a priority.

Jim Rehlin

Rehlin has been painting his whole life, at the encouragement of family members, and throughout his career in graphic design. Influenced by pointillism, impressionism and abstract expressionism, he tries to capture the underlying spirit of his subject matter.

Toni Stevenson

Oil, acrylic and watercolor are all preferred media for Stevenson, as she paints figures, landscapes and still lifes.

Corinne Vivian

Vivian wants people to pause to feel and connect – both with the art itself, and with each other.

Marty Walker

With a background in pastels, graphic arts and quilting, Walker’s current work is in acrylic and depicts layered scenes of city life.

Carolyn Weins

Weins is inspired by nature to create bright depictions of country roads, wetlands, woods and fields with pastels, which allow for brush-like strokes and layers of color and texture.

About Chelsea Painters

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