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Exclusive interview with Bethesda

The heat was wicked, but Bethesda’s sound and energy attracted worn-out music-lovers to the small stage and got the audience dancing. Luckily, we were able to get a quick interview with the Ohio band after their set.

March 20 2013

Kate Middleton's royal bun Kate Middleton might be carrying the heir to the Enlgish royal throne, but she rides the subway (the Tube – as they say across the pond) just like everybody else. That's why we like her. She even bought a "baby on board" badge so she always has a seat on the

February 13 2013

I was really looking forward to watch Kimye (Kanye West + Kim Kardashian) walk the red carpet at the Grammy's. No such luck. Kanye booked it to Brazil (Kim in tow) even though he had SIX nominations. Turns out Kanye is very much like the honey badger when it comes the the awards. Read more

February 12 2013

There is a bacon queen, and sadly, it is not me. Turns out, the bacon queen lives in Des Moines, Iowa. That's where the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival is after all. Kim Pfannebecker was crowned Queen wearing a dress made entirely out of raw and cooked bacon. Check out more bacon-y goodness here