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Sweat and the Exonerated

Two shows ground today’s polarized political climate in the lives of people who struggle. In these tense political times, politically charged theatre is perhaps the opposite of the escape people are looking for in their entertainment. But The Exonerated, to be performed in February at the University of Michigan and Sweat, to be performed in

Diva Royale Is A Sidesplitting Romp

The wonderful thing about what Daniels has accomplished with Diva Royale is that the play manages to both poke good-natured fun at people whose obsessions with things lead them into trouble, while also celebrating the bonds between people who love celebrities, music, movies, anything with their whole heart, no matter what lies in store for them because of that love. Diva Royale doesn’t make you feel superior to these women, it makes you relate to them, feel empathy for them when things go awry, and cheer them on when they are triumphant. And, really, isn’t that what the world needs more of now?