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High Cuisine

Indulge with a medicated Valentine’s Day dinner Cooking with and eating cannabis as a delivery method creates a different effect than smoking. I like to eat my medicine— it delivers better pain relief and seems to be more effective in curbing back PTSD— but finding recipes outside of sugary treats can be challenging. So, instead

That’s How We Roll

Joint Rolling 101 There are two kinds of marijuana smokers: those who can roll joints, and those who can’t. The cannabis community doesn’t care about political or racial differences— we know those from all walks of life smoke weed, and these differences matter not— but if you can’t roll a joint? Now that’s a problem.

6 Fast Facts

What you need to know about legalized recreational marijuana in Michigan Michigan voters legalized the use of recreational marijuana in November 2018, and have since been patient as the program rolls out. Before you start picking up gummies and rollies, here are seven fast facts you need to know. 1. Recreational marijuana could be available

Why Women Orgasm

Though the female orgasm has been around since before humans were human, it is still something of a mystery.