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Free All The Plants

Campaign asks City to decriminalize hallucinogenic plants 32 U.S. states have defied federal law and legalized marijuana for medical and/or recreational use, but drug policy reform advocates aren’t done fighting. Instead, many advocates have shifted their focus to ending the war on people who use entheogenic or hallucinogenic plants. Last year, Denver became the first

From County Commission to Cannabis: Huron View Owner Christina Montague

Meet retired public school social worker and former Washtenaw County Commissioner board chair, Christina Montague, is the sole owner and operator of Huron View Provisioning Center, which she formed in 2017. Her daughter Teesha, who has a business management degree from Eastern Michigan University, serves as the operation manager. Montague is one of two known

High Cuisine

Indulge with a medicated Valentine’s Day dinner Cooking with and eating cannabis as a delivery method creates a different effect than smoking. I like to eat my medicine— it delivers better pain relief and seems to be more effective in curbing back PTSD— but finding recipes outside of sugary treats can be challenging. So, instead

That’s How We Roll

Joint Rolling 101 There are two kinds of marijuana smokers: those who can roll joints, and those who can’t. The cannabis community doesn’t care about political or racial differences— we know those from all walks of life smoke weed, and these differences matter not— but if you can’t roll a joint? Now that’s a problem.