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By Tanya Luz As I walked through the 3rd Annual Ypsi Pride celebration a few weeks ago, there were tables with sexual health pamphlets, and booths with sparkly baseball hats with terms like “Enby”, “Pan”, and ‘Trans” on them. There were merchants selling handmade art, and others slinging samosas. But mostly, there were just people.

Listening To Different Views

By Lisa Gottlieb Hurtling through the sky in a packed jet at 30,000 feet, it’s hard to get away from the person crammed in to the seat next to you. Recently, I was on a 90-minute connecting flight and had an opportunity to practice what is important to me: sharing a conversation with someone with

Faking It

There is a famous scene in “When Harry Met Sally” when Sally, played to perfection by the ever adorable Meg Ryan, fakes an orgasm in a restaurant to prove to Harry that he cannot tell the difference between her lusty performance and the real thing. I read a statistic recently that seemed to indicate that

Brisbo Named Executive Director Of Marijuana Regulatory Agency

The State Senate named Andrew Brisbo the Executive Director of the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, formerly the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation, after a Senate confirmation hearing on May 2nd. Brisbo is not new to marijuana regulation: he led the State’s efforts to develop rules to enforce the 2016 law legalizing medical marijuana. Brisbo and his staff