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Bake up

Summer has come to a close, but with school starting Ann Arbor is about to get busy. With the influx of students comes a slew of new businesses. Whether you have the cravings of Cookie Monster or you're looking for the perfect gift item, local business owners do their best to make A2 the regional

2012 Poetry & Fiction Winners

Heroin addicts dying in the street. Ghosts revisiting their kin. Adventure. Walking through dreams. Memories of a father. Natural disasters. These are the themes covered by our six winners, whose evocative, powerful, oftentimes chilling stories and poems were chosen as the winners of this year’s annual Current Magazine Poetry and Fiction Contest. Enjoy.

Locally raised

A compilation of four different plays, Home Grown is the A2CT Studio Series season opener. The start of the play is based around Pre-existing Conditions, a one-act written by Ann Arbor local Madeline Diehl.

New faces, awards and thinking local

As we ride out the last of the heat wave (hopefully) and the city braces itself for the college school year’s annual influx of students, a few area business highlights are happening around town, that include everything from the newest place to get married to the place you might grab your next slice of pizza.

The little things in life

Observe the abstract qualities of noted American photographer Judith Turner’s work. Her predominant focus on black-and-white architecture displays the ambiguity of light, shadow and tonality in a unique manner. UMMA docents will be leading this exploration of Turner’s distinctive work. University of Michigan Museum of Art, 525 South State St., Ann Arbor. July 15. 2pm.