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Owner, Elise Post and friend, Samantha Baik, with Yours Truly sign. Photo by Magic Moments Photography.

Hosting a party or event can be exciting but full of details to think about and plan for. Planning out venues, decorations, attire, and other details of the event can be overwhelming. Elise Post, founder of Yours Truly Event Planning created a service to help people in the Ann Arbor area plan and decorate for the perfect party. Yours Truly had their grand storefront opening at 114 W. Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti on February 9 and owner, Elise Post, is excited to continue expanding the services that she provides!

Meet Elise Post

Post has always had an interest in event planning. “Ever since I was a little girl I loved decorating and planning parties. I would turn any and everything into a celebration,” Post said.

She began her career in Event Planning at Revel and Roll where she was the Event Manager.

“Once I had my son I decided to quit my career to pursue my dream of running my own business full time,” she said. “My vision was to provide event planning services that are luxurious yet budget friendly.”

Post is thrilled to be back in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area. “I was born and raised here and it has always been a dream of mine to get a storefront on Michigan Ave,” Post said. 


Yours Truly offers full event planning services, as well as a la carte options to provide clients with the amount of support they want for planning their event.

“Now that we have a venue we will begin to rent our space for clients to host their parties at Yours Truly,” Post said. “We will continue to offer off site options such as balloon decor, tent parties and more! We also offer personalized apparel and gifts, we will eventually have ‘retail hours’ at Yours Truly when events are not booked.” 

Grand opening

After her Grand Opening on February 9, Post is eager to share what this change means for her business.

A event being set up by Yours Truly
Photo Provided by Elise Post

“My hope is that we are able to continue to expand our business, now that we will also offer a space where our clients can host their own events,” she said. 

Along with offering a space for clients to host their events, Post also plans to host community events.

We also plan to host events open to the community such as game nights, craft nights and more,” Post said. She also hopes to use the space to consult with future clients and allow them to view her work in person before booking with Yours Truly Event Planning. 

“I want Yours Truly to not only be good for me but for the community,” Post said. If you would like to spread the word about Yours Truly, Post said “The best way to spread word about our business is sharing our posts on social media and mentioning us to your friends and family. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all of our events!” 

Post would love to meet with new clients and see how she can support them through her party planning services. Visit her website, Yours Truly Events and Novelties or email Post at to begin your party planning journey!

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