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What’s New with Selma Cafe

Co-Founder Lisa Gottlieb on the non-profit’s support of local growers Founded in 2009, Selma Cafe is often associated with their weekly breakfasts filled with locally sourced foods and guest chefs that operated for five years before it closed its doors. Though that aspect of Selma is no longer operational, the non-profit organization is still actively

Ozone House Executive Director Krista Girty Shares Her Journey

What first drew you to your work at Ozone House? As a new social worker, over 24 years ago, I learned quickly that Ozone House was unique. It was easy to see that they put youth at the center of their program design and approach. I was lucky to work for Ozone House for the

Sustainable and Stylish

JOOB Activewear makes ecofriendly clothing

Zaynab Elkolaly

Zaynab Elkolaly is an 18-year-old senior at Washtenaw Technical Middle College. She is a proud Arab-American Muslim woman who is passionate about flying planes, reading every book she can get her hands on, explaining to people that Islam is not “the religion of terror”, and leading revolutions. She hopes to study nuclear engineering and public

Person Of Interest: Russ Collins

by Grace Jensen How did you get your job as the executive director of the Michigan Theater Foundation? Well, that was over 35 years ago. I had gotten a master’s degree in arts administration at the University of Michigan and not too long after graduating, this job came along and there were a whole bunch

Leah Karr

Nurse, activist, and co-founder of U-M’s Professional Nurse Council By Mary Gallagher Leah Karr is a Registered Nurse at Mott Children’s Hospital who acted as an organizer with the University of Michigan Professional Nurse Council for the 2018 contract negotiations with Michigan Medicine. What made you decide to get involved in the contract negotiations? We

Person Of Interest: David Klingenberger

David Klingenberger is the owner and founder of The Brinery, a Washtenaw County business that produces sauerkraut and other fermented foods that are sold in stores across the Midwest.

Sreyashi Dey: A Powerful Woman Of The Arts

Sreyashi Dey is President and Artistic Director of Akshara, an Ann Arbor-based multi-cultural, multi-arts organization founded by Dey and Dr. Paroma Chatterjee that presents arts inspired by India. Dey is also a classical Odissi dancer, and holds an MS in Economics and an MBA from Purdue. How do you see the arts fitting into daily

Cozine Welch

Writer, teacher, actor, and Restorative Justice advocate

Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips has been working with housing insecure youth in Washtenaw County since 2007, first at Avalon Housing and now as the Youth Employment Coordinator at Ozone House in Ypsilanti. What do you do as youth employment coordinator? I work at our drop-in center in Ypsilanti, and I oversee our work zone program and our

Sue Shink: County Commissioner, Conservationist, Farmer, Mom

Interview with Sue Shink: County Commissioner, Conservationist, Farmer, Mom.

Dr. Missy Stults

Dr. Missy Stults, Sustainability and Innovations Manager for the City of Ann Arbor, spoke with Current about how communities can adapt to climate change. With a PhD in urban resilience from the University of Michigan, Missy previously served as a contractor working with cities and tribal communities to advance their climate and sustainability agendas. What

Person of Interest: Q & A With Akili Jackson

Q & A with poet, musician, teacher, and activist Akili Jackson.

Person of Interest: Lillian Li

How has having a book out changed your day-to-day life? My coworkers at [Literati] bookstore said, “Oh, we’re not going to be seeing you after the book comes out,” and I explained, my day-to-day has not really changed. I still teach at the University, I still work at the bookstore, pretty much the same hours.

Person of Interest: Shayla Fletcher

Shayla Fletcher is a wife, mother of two, and a local attorney. But beyond that, Shayla feels her biggest calling as a community volunteer.

Person of Interest: Yousef Rabhi

Rep. Rabhi runs for his 4th term as Democratic State Representative in Michigan’s 53rd State House District, Ann Arbor.

Person of Interest: Matt Grocoff

Matt Grocoff is an environmentalist, sustainability advocate, writer, speaker, and Founding Principal of the THRIVE Collaborative where he is the strategic vision lead of what will be one of the most innovative and environmentally sustainable communities in the world- Veridian County Farm, on Platt Road in Ann Arbor.

Person of Interest: Kristie Brablec

Person: Kristie Brablec. Occupation: Experience Curator for Zingerman’s Food Tours.

Person of Interest: Morris Lawrence III

Occupation: Instructor at the Ann Arbor Karate Club

How did you first get involved with karate? My father took us to see Bruce Lee movies at the drive-in movie theater. When I was sixteen, my brother and I decided to start karate.

Person of Interest: Mike Michelon

Executive Director, Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Person of Interest: Omari Rush

Executive Director at Culture Source (an alliance for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations) Chairman of Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and arts education champion.

Person of Interest: Katri Ervamaa

Occupation: professional cellist, chamber music teacher

Person of Interest: Greg Davis-Kean

Founder and primary blogger, The Frequent Miler