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DIYpsi Champions Local Artists (and here’s a PLAYLIST)

DIYpsi Aug 18 & Aug 19 at ABC Microbrewery I’ve detected an increasing amount of positive energy generating from the independent arts community of Ypsilanti over the last several years, grassroots efforts that stoke a sense of pride and celebration of the local culture scene, from First Fridays and Bona Sera, to the Threads All

Helping Artists Grow: Multipurpose Arts Space Where Artists Can Make!

For a long time, we took honeybees for granted, only recently realizing that these seemingly ubiquitous pollinators are crucial to our agricultural structure and crop production.

Evan Haywood Previews ‘Perfumed Gardens’

Interview: Evan Haywood Evan Haywood is an Ann Arbor-based singer/songwriter and producer who released a mesmeric album of soundscapes in 2016, titled Ramshackles. It was a contemplative and transporting  listening experience, a patchwork of folk and Americana mingled with melodic psychedelia and ambient found sounds. Haywood has been creating and releasing music for years, bridging the worlds

Mike Gentry Shares Stories And Experiences Through Music

Music: Mike Gentry Shares Stories And Experiences Through Music

Meet ZZvava

I’ve been writing for The Current for almost 10 years now…, which is crazy to think about. But I’ve known musician Jeffrey Freer for longer than that, from previous bands as well as some of his solo material. He was an Ypsilanti and an Ann Arbor regular for years, but moved away for a spell.

10 Best Venues for Live Music in Ann Arbor and Ypsi

Need to catch a great live show this summer? We’ve got the ten best local spots.

Fuzz Fest 5

Fuzz Fest features 11 bands per night, including Detroit breakout acts like TART, and legendary grimy punk auteurs like Timmy’s Organism …

Nadim Azzam’s Busy Summer (INTERVIEW)

Nadim Azzam bridges folk to pop to hip-hop. He brings an acoustic guitar with lyrics that can often wear the proverbial heart on the sleeve, but the chording is concentrated into quickened pop-hook staccatos with a soul intonation that sings catchy choruses but raps descriptive bars in between. I’ve come to believe that no one