Poké Poké Sushi Unrolled is a wonderland for foodies

. July 31, 2019.

Based in Detroit, Poké Poké is now available in Ann Arbor with eight signature bowls and numerous other options to customize your poke bowl with sauces like Wasabi Soy and Citrus Ponzu.

10:30am-9pm, Monday-Thursday.
10:30am-10pm, Friday-Saturday.
10:30am-5pm, Sunday.
312 S State St. | 734-263-2155 | eatpokepoke.com


Lily Milo Explores a Spectrum of Emotions through her Powerful Voice

Lily Milo writes what you may call ‘softer’ music, but she can really let loose with her voice. We don’t usually acquaint words like exhilarating with folk music, but to behold the six songs on the Ann Arbor based singer/songwriter’s new EP can sometimes manifest moments of a candle’s delicate flicker going to a bonfire

Workit Health Expands Digital Addiction Care

Michigan’s award-winning addiction care program, Workit Health, announced to expand their virtual services to help fight addiction in four additional states.

Jacob Sigman’s Polychromatic Pop: ‘Color Coded Heart’

Singer-songwriter Jacob Sigman spent the last year brightening things up for audiences with 14 fresh singles, collected now on a full-length album: ‘Color Coded Heart.’

Carolyn Striho Releases New ‘Detroit (Maiden Energy)’ Audiobook

Carolyn Striho brings a greater sense of intimacy to her latest release. The illustrious Detroit rock singer-songwriter openly shares her vivid, poignant collection of song lyrics and poetry through a new self-narrated audiobook edition of Detroit (Maiden Energy). “You pick what you want to read, but it’s a little weird because it’s your own. Like